Reaching 3 million learners and beyond

Here at Elucidat, our “North Star Metric” is our learner count. It guides the decisions we make and the direction we take. We’ve just hit the 3 million learner mark one month earlier than expected, and we’re pretty excited about it! We thought it was worth reflecting on why we care, and what it means for our clients.

3 million learners

Back in 2013, Elucidat was born out of the desire to give people better digital learning experiences. Our founders, Ian, Simon and Steve, could see some big challenges within the elearning industry, which was struggling to keep pace with change:

  • For learners: Traditional training courses and online learning was dull and failing to engage modern learners. They needed access to timely, personalized resources at a point of need, accessible on the devices in their pockets.
  • For authors and learning designers: The elearning authoring tools designers were using were predominantly desktop-based, and they made refreshing content, collaborating with teams and scaling up content production a nightmare.
  • For organizations: Training providers were looking to shift content online, and big companies were looking to digital to help develop and retain talent, ensure agility and improve performance.

Ian, Simon and Steve wanted to build something that would help large organizations and training providers reach their audience, learning designers meet the demands and scale their production and learners engage with content that works for them.

Learn, Care, Share

The question we continually ask ourselves is: Will [XYZ] help our clients create better, personalized learning experiences for their audience…at scale?

Our motto “Learn, Care, Share” helps us to keep this focus and guides our platform development, professional services, support and communications approach every day.

elucidat learn care share

Progress on our mission

Since 2013…

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients globally, ranging from Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer, to Franklin Covey, a world leading provider of organizational development training. Our authoring platform has advanced over time to enable organizations to create and manage really successful learning, at scale.

Thousands of authors have put the platform through its paces:

  • 60,000+ projects created
  • 27 million page edits
  • 1 million media uploads

And, millions of learners have engaged with great digital learning experiences:

  • 3 million learners
  • 9 million learner sessions
  • 44 million questions answered
  • 150 million pages viewed

Beyond the platform, there are now a range of professional services available to help our clients succeed – ranging from prototyping to data analytics services.

Take a look at our customer stories to see the impact our clients are seeing.

To 4 million learners and beyond!

We’re excited about the future of Elucidat, the organizations we work with, their authors and, most importantly, their learners!

If you want to reach more learners with more engaging digital learning, get in touch…we’d love to work with you.