4 Tips to Save Elearning Development Time

4 Tips to Save Elearning Development Time

Developing an e-learning platform is an intensive piece of work. This is especially true if you’re a developer or part of a team with many on-going projects and deadlines to meet.

Productivity and efficiency must be achieved whilst maintaining the highest possible standard of work. Certainly, taking shortcuts when it comes to e-learning development is going to do nothing other than damage your credibility and leave you with unhappy clients.

Here are four great tips you can use within your e-learning development team to save time whilst maintaining your high standards.

Use Templates

Templates come in for criticism as they can create a feeling that everything is the same. However, we’re not necessarily talking about templates you’d find within Elucidat or other development packs. Instead, think about how you brand your e-learning, or the client you’re providing an e-learning package for. Create an identity template which will allow you and your developer to retain branding and design consistency.

Allow Informal Learning

If not developing e-learning platforms solely for your own business, consult with your clients as to whether they want such a feature. E-learning platforms don’t always need to be strictly put together. Yes, most will prefer platforms developed in this way, but if you are able to build in informal learning through built in resources or links to learning resources online, you’ll save yourself (and the learner) a lot of time.

Some learners in some subjects will want to pick out specific pieces of information, like when you read a book from the “…For Dummies” series, rather than having to go through the whole thing. This can help them to achieve that, as well as boost your reputation for being able to create flexibility within e-learning products.

Use the Cloud

A “must do” for the modern business irrespective of industry or business interests. It is unlikely every stakeholder in your e-learning business will be based in the same place, so collaborate across the cloud so everyone knows what is going on, and when.

The alternative? Wait for the one day a month when you’re all together, at which point you’ve probably missed a deadline and have some very unhappy clients!

Focus on Objectives

Prioritise the important aspects of what you’re looking to develop. Platforms can always be added to later, and there’s no point in spending time on a mini-game or rewards function to build within an e-learning platform, for example, if you only have a half-finished course.

Ensure your developers are focusing on the main aspects of any client workload, and that any additional “bells and whistles” that you might add are actually adding value and don’t appear to be a type of vanity project.

Supercharge the efficiency and productivity of your e-learning development team by ensuring these five points aren’t just top tips, but part of the culture of your business and represent how you work on a day-to-day basis.

I really hope this post will help save you some e-learning development time. If you’re looking for a tool to help you create e-learning quickly and easily then Elucidat can help.

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