Adding a ‘Tooltip’

This week we added a ‘Tooltip’ feature, with the tooltip feature you can add a prompt that appears when your learner hovers over a text area.

Adding a 'Tooltip'

Like this!

Tooltips are helpful for providing your learners with additional information and prompts, they’re also very handy for providing your learner with additional references.

To add a Tooltip

Find an area of text that you would like to add your tooltip.

Double click the text to open the text editor:

Adding a 'Tooltip'

Select the text you’d like to add the tooltip to:

Adding a 'Tooltip'

Press the link button:

Adding a 'Tooltip'

Press ‘Insert Tooltip’:

Adding a 'Tooltip'

Enter the text that you would like to be displayed:

Adding a 'Tooltip'

…and press ‘Insert’.

Now when you hover over your text your tooltip will display.

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