Adding images to text

This week we’ve added a really rather spectacular new function, you can now add images into text (particularly handy for when you want to explain page controls!)

To start adding images into to text:

Double click or press the edit button of a text box (it will be the inner edit button on most text boxes).

You should see the text edit menu open:

Adding images to text

Click the image button:

Adding images to text

Drag and drop your image or press ‘Choose file’ to upload.

Adding images to text

Your image will now appear in your text box, voila!

Adding images to text

Advanced options

Do you fancy getting a little more advanced? Read on!

Once your image has been uploaded, you can then edit it, firstly click the image whilst in edit mode, the image should become editable, like so:

Adding images to text

Now if you drag the bottom right corner you will be able to resize your image.

If you click where it says ‘Edit’, a menu will open:

Adding images to text

In here you can change a variety of options:

Title: This is the alternative text that will display for screen-readers, we recommend adding a title to increase the accessibility of your project.

Link: Use this option to make your image link to another screen (very useful for teaching the basics of navigation buttons!).

Position: Defines where the image will show in the text box.

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