Announcing – the Digital Learning Skill-Up reunion

Six months ago, in the early days of COVID-19, we launched our Digital Learning Skill-Up Program. Since then the Program has helped 1000s successfully transition from face to face to online learning. Today, we are super excited to kick off the next stage!

Who would have thought that 6 months on we would still be working from home (mostly) and face to face learning would (mostly) still be a thing of the past? And yet, this is where we find ourselves today. The new normal, at least for the time being. 

Many organisations have transitioned online successfully already. Others are still struggling. At the height of the pandemic, our Digital Learning Skill Up helped 1000s of L&D experts from all over the world start their digital journeys. 

And, there is no better time than the present for us all to get together once again and explore and share the lessons learned from the first 6 months spent moving to online-only training. 

We are super excited to announce a Digital Learning Skill-Up reunion. This bonus module is specifically designed to help organisations deal with the current challenges and equip them with the strategies and tactics needed to make 2021 the year of successful and sustainable online learning. 

This time around, we are happy to say we will be joined by our good friends at LearnUpon, the leading LMS with hundreds of clients who have navigated the new normal successfully. 

This year has been challenging for so many businesses, but it’s also been a year of inspiration. At LearnUpon, our team has worked with really innovative companies that have cleverly planned, developed, and implemented online training strategies. These businesses made the leap from face-to-face to online fast and adopted impressive tactics that helped boost success. We want to share these stories with L&D leaders so that they can be inspired to leverage these strategies too.Customer Success Team Manager Francis Kleven at LearnUpon

What to expect?

Here’s a quick video from Elucidat’s Program Lead and Learning Expert Georgie Cooke!


The Digital Learning Skill-Up reunion will feature a set of new resources that will help you solve the ongoing challenges of moving from face-to-face to online learning! Here’s a sneak peek into what to expect:

  • Live webinar: How to make 2021 a resounding success

The hour-long webinar will be co-hosted by Elucidat Learning Consultant Georgina Cooke and LearnUpon’s Customer Success Team Manager Francis Kleven. Expect to explore the lessons learned in the last 6 months and strategies for moving forward

  • A collection of practical and helpful resources

You’ll have exclusive access to real-life stories from companies who have made the transition successfully, to pre-webinar tasks to help you determine where you are on your digital journey – this reunion will feature all you need to move forward! 

How to join?

If you are already a member of the Digital Learning Skill-Up community, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be added to the webinar and have access to all of the resources by default.

If you haven’t yet joined the program, now is the time to do it! Sign up today and get access to the webinar plus the full program. Here’s what you’ll get at a glance:

✔ Free access to a Program that normally costs £2,500! 

✔ Access to all digital resources to help you get online

✔  3 expert-led recorded webinars

✔  Practical self-directed activities

✔ Access to the live webinar with LearnUpon and all the helpful resources that come with it.

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