Charlotte Curl

Scorm vs Tin Can (xAPI)

The decision about which content standards to use when producing elearning will affect the longevity of your content and systems. Whilst SCORM is the most widely used elearning standard, xAPI opens up a wealth of opportunity for tracking, personalizing and improving learning experiences. We take a look at how they compare… Both SCORM and Tin […]

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4 killer examples of xAPI used for more effective learning

xAPI is a game changer. It can help you to identify where learning interventions might be needed; measure the impact of blended learning experiences; and identify how they could be improved. In this blog we take a closer look at what xAPI is and share some real-world examples of xAPI in action. What is xAPI? […]

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12 elearning agencies that use Elucidat

Are you looking for an elearning agency to help with your next project? There is a wide array of organizations out there that offer elearning solutions. Here are 12 that we know have experience using Elucidat to produce digital learning. Please note: inclusion in this list is not an endorsement of the quality of their […]

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A people-centered vision for the future of elearning (slides + video)

Data from millions of learners, insight from industry leaders and the testing of ideas in hundreds of projects has revealed the recipe for the most successful elearning projects. Catch up on Simon Greany’s World of Learning seminar and recent webinar, where he explored the 6 pillars of people-centered elearning and made recommendations for how you […]

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How to create multi-language elearning content [video]

Making your elearning more widely available makes a whole lot of sense. But, actually creating and managing content in multiple languages can seem as daunting as an Atlantic crossing! We delved into this topic in a recent webinar to look at why it’s worth the effort and the smart workflows that make creating multi-language elearning […]

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How to lead the way with learning analytics (Free Guide)

Imagine being so confident in your understanding of your audience that you can design elearning you know will work. This is the edge that Chief Learning Officers and Heads of L&D have been looking for, and it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream! There’s a wealth of learning analytics data out there, but having […]

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The Science Behind Digital Learning That Works [Recorded Webinar]

What makes learners tick? With 3 million learners creating data trails in Elucidat’s analytics, we’ve gained some fascinating insight. In this webinar with Lori Niles-Hofmann we put away the crystal ball and discussed how to use your data to create projects with a winning formula. If you couldn’t make it on the day, fret not. […]

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Reaching 3 million learners and beyond

Here at Elucidat, our “North Star Metric” is our learner count. It guides the decisions we make and the direction we take. We’ve just hit the 3 million learner mark one month earlier than expected, and we’re pretty excited about it! We thought it was worth reflecting on why we care, and what it means […]

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Online Training Providers: Sink, Swim or Soar?

The explosion of the elearning industry and the increasing needs of the modern learner for on-demand, accessible and personalized learning present a huge opportunity to training providers. The most savvy are already leaving clear ground between themselves and their competition. Training providers with an eye on the future recognize what’s being called for, and have […]

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Product Update: Elucidat’s Page Progress Indicator

At Elucidat, we never settle. Even though we’ve been creating modern, engaging scrolling pages for a long time, we’ve been asking ourselves how they can be even better. The result? The Page Progress Indicator that helps you take your scrolling pages to the next level. What is the Page Progress Indicator? The Page Progress Indicator […]

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How to build a business case for elearning authoring tools

If you believe that a new elearning authoring tool would have a positive impact on your organization’s success, but need to get stakeholder buy-in, you need to put together a bulletproof business case. We’ve outlined a structure and key points you need to cover to help get your stakeholders onboard. Remember, it’s not all about […]

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