Christopher Pappas

8 Unexpected Benefits Of Microlearning Online Training Libraries

Is your company considering a bite-sized online training library to build skills and improve compliance? In this article, I’ll highlight 8 unexpected benefits of using microlearning libraries in your online training program. Microlearning Online Training Libraries: 8 Unexpected Benefits For Corporate Learners Microlearning offers employees quick bursts of information that’s targeted to their needs. This […]

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10 tips to improve your elearning storyboards

Are your elearning storyboards on point? Or do they have a tendency to create more confusion than clarity? In this article guest writer Christopher Pappas shares 10 tips to improve how you create a corporate elearning storyboards. How To Improve Your eLearning Storyboards Elearning storyboards help you organize your thoughts and create cohesion in your […]

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