Christopher Pappas

8 Unexpected Benefits Of Microlearning Online Training Libraries

Is your company considering a bite-sized online training library to build skills and improve compliance? In this article, I’ll highlight 8 unexpected benefits of using microlearning libraries in your online training program. Microlearning Online Training Libraries: 8 Unexpected Benefits For Corporate Learners Microlearning offers employees quick bursts of information that’s targeted to their needs. This […]

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10 tips to improve your elearning storyboards

Are your eLearning storyboards on point? Or do they have a tendency to create more confusion than clarity? In this article guest writer Christopher Pappas shares 10 tips to improve your eLearning storyboards. How To Improve Your eLearning Storyboards eLearning storyboards help you organize your thoughts and create cohesion in your eLearning course design. However, […]

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