Debbie Hill

Debbie is an experienced design consultant with years of experience in the elearning industry. As part of the Elucidat professional services team, Debbie supports clients with design concepts and coaching to take their learning content to the next level.

Lost in translation: how to internationalize your processes

With a globalized workforce becoming the new normal, the ways in which we learn and communicate at work have been flipped on their head. In fact, this rapid transformation was well underway before 2020 pushed it to the forefront. However, working and learning remotely presents some challenges to L&D teams, particularly when it comes to […]

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12 elearning agencies that use Elucidat

Are you looking for an elearning agency to help with your next project? There is a wide array of organizations out there that offer elearning solutions. Here are 12 that we know have experience using Elucidat to produce digital learning. Please note: inclusion in this list is not an endorsement of the quality of their […]

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How to create a brilliant branching scenario

Are you ready to start using branched scenarios in your online learning experiences? In this article, we’ll share inspiration and practical advice to enable you to bring your branching scenario ideas to life. Branching means designing different routes through your content, depending on actions made by the user. A branching scenario is a way of […]

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7 tips for designing accessible elearning

Everyone should be able to have a great learning experience. This means making sure you consider accessibility when designing elearning. Online accessibility is the key to unlocking great learning for all. There are some simple and practical changes you can make to your corporate elearning course design to meet (and exceed!) WCAG 2.0 standards. Here […]

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Making the most of animation in elearning

Animated video can be a powerful way to convey a concept and engage your learners. But where is animation’s sweet spot, and when should you consider a different approach? Read on for some inspiring examples that demonstrate the benefits and impact of using animation to facilitate learning.   95% of learners respond best to visual […]

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How to improve your elearning UI with better visual communication

Did you know, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. And, your brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than words. Visually-rich training materials keep the eyes busy and therefore, the brain more alert and active to absorb information. In this blog we share tips from our webinar on how to improve learning experiences […]

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