Blended Learning Is Set To Upend Traditional Learning. Is Your Company Ready?

New technology trends and tools inevitably invite disruption, and disruption is often equated with disorder. But the sense of disorder carries promise as the “old ways” of doing things, while reliable, become increasingly stagnant and insufficient, and evolving technologies and modalities unfold new possibilities. It‘s no different in elearning, where the landscape of learning and […]

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The Learning Management System Integrations You Should Invest In This Year

Imagine your business systems as an orchestra and your app integrations as the conductor. They compose the humming of your customer relationship management (CRM) data and the buzzing of your human resource information system (HRIS) data into a symphony of knowledge. In this article, the Docebo team examine five trending integrations that can accompany your […]

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Increase Learner Engagement with these Five Tips From Docebo

Learning and Development teams are on an endless search to create an engaging learning experience that motivates learners to log back into their LMS platform and continue learning. In this article, the Docebo team explores five LMS features that will help you bolster user engagement and knowledge retention. 1. Gamification to Incentivize Performance An LMS offering gamification features taps […]

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5 ways to use the Docebo learning management system and Elucidat to strengthen learning content

Elucidat’s easy-to-use course authoring tool can now be integrated with the Docebo’s learning management system. How can this integration improve your elearning content? Here are five ways the Docebo and Elucidat integration can help improve your elearning content. 1. Streamline course delivery With Docebo’s integration with Elucidat, you can easily add and change training materials within the LMS. […]

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