Emily Redmond

What is elearning?

Elearning is impactful and convenient, providing an array of benefits to both users and organizations. Development, technical improvement, and also better affordability of electronic devices have sparked the acceleration of elearning into the 21st Century. But what exactly is elearning and how can it provide opportunities for your organization? What is elearning? Elearning, short for […]

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How to be a better LGBTQI+ ally interactive resource

Pride is a time for everyone to reflect on the progress we have made towards LGBTQI+ equality and to acknowledge that we have the responsibility to do more. The LGBTQI+ community still faces unacceptable stigma and discrimination on a daily basis. To help inform and educate everyone about how to be more supportive, the Open […]

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The best elearning podcasts to listen to right now

Want to know the best elearning podcasts to listen to? Stay on top of the latest trends, advice and best practice from top learning professionals and gain fresh inspiration for your elearning projects. Here’s a breakdown of the top elearning podcasts to start listening to right now… Top 10 elearning podcasts 1.  The Learning at […]

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