Emina Demiri-Watson

Announcing – the Digital Learning Skill-Up reunion

Six months ago, in the early days of COVID-19, we launched our Digital Learning Skill-Up Program. Since then the Program has helped 1000s successfully transition from face to face to online learning. Today, we are super excited to kick off the next stage! Who would have thought that 6 months on we would still be […]

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Back to basics: What is an elearning content authoring tool?

One of the fundamental questions in creating digital learning is: what is an elearning authoring tool? In this Back to Basics blog we look at the definition of an authoring software, explore the types of authoring tools and suggest a few authoring platforms you might want to consider. What is a content authoring software? There […]

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Choosing the right elearning platform for 2020 and beyond

There is certainly no shortage of elearning platforms on the market these days – here are the 8 popular choices to consider in 2020 and beyond. But remember, before you even start exploring the specific solutions to your elearning needs, make sure you are fully clued-in to the different types of platforms and what they […]

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