Jess Vallance

Delivering online training: which method should you choose?

When deciding to take training that was previously carried out in a classroom and deliver it online, there are a few different options to consider: using an authoring tool to create your own elearning, creating a virtual classroom workshop, hiring a training agency to create the training for you, or buying a ready-made course off […]

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Elucidat vs GoMo Learning: Comparison and Review

How does Elucidat compare against the GoMo Learning authoring software? Is Elucidat a good alternative to GoMo? In this review blog, we look at the two authoring tools side by side to help you make your decision.  First, let’s talk about the comparison criteria. There are many elements to consider when reviewing an authoring tool. […]

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Elucidat vs the iSpring Suite: Comparison and Review

How does Elucidat stack up against the iSpring suite? Is Elucidat a good alternative to iSpring? Let’s review the two elearning authoring tools and see how they compare… In this comparison, we’re going to focus our review on the main criteria people consider when choosing an elearning authoring tool: Ease of use – how steep […]

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