Li Whybrow

Personalization Is The Future: How To Design Personalized Learning Experiences

Learning should take place at the individual level. Today’s modern learners have a wide variety of different needs and it’s your job to personalize learning journeys to appeal to their individual requirements. In this article, I’ll look at some personalization trends and show you how to implement personalization in your own elearning. Personalization represents a […]

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Nano-Learning Is Fast And Simple. Here Are 6 Ideas To Help You Create Nano-Learning In Under 15 Minutes

Fast-paced organizations need just-in-time (JIT) learning. Nano or micro-learning gives learning managers a quick and simple way to adapt to the fast-changing needs of their learners. In this article, I’ll show you how to create nano-learning in under 15 minutes. You are likely under pressure to deliver more learning in less time. Nano-learning is gaining […]

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Learners are distracted and impatient. Here are 5 ideas to help you motivate learners in 2016

Are you a learning professional tasked with training a connected but easily distracted workforce? This article will help you understand what motivates learners and provide some fresh ideas on how you can create training that keeps them engaged and interested. Learners in 2016 are distracted, impatient, and overwhelmed. They are rarely separated from their electronic […]

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How To Measure Elearning Performance: The New Way To Build Evaluation Into Elearning

Measuring training is hard. In this article, Li Whybrow will show you how new technologies can help you measure elearning performance using Kirkpatrick’s four-level evaluation model. The Way You Measure eLearning Performance Is Changing Analyzing the performance of your eLearning will help show that the investment in eLearning is paying off. It’s your job to measure the metrics and interpret the results […]

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Simulation-based elearning: Three companies that have applied elearning in very different ways.

You don’t have to be in the defense industry to benefit from simulation-based elearning. In this article, Li Whybrow looks at three companies that are applying simulation-based elearning to achieve very different training outcomes. Draw inspiration from these three simulation-based elearning examples For some time, the bread and butter staple for elearning agencies involved converting people’s classroom […]

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Stuck For Elearning Ideas? Learn How To Think Differently About Your Elearning

Stuck for elearning ideas on how to design your elearning course? Let’s revisit some old principles of Instructional Design and draw inspiration from my favorite elearning examples. When I started out in elearning, someone passed me Gagné’s book, which outlines nine principles for designing instruction. Through the course of my career, I’ve regularly revisited these nine […]

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Flash: Is It Time We Mourn Its Demise In Elearning?

The King is dead, long live the King! As HTML5 jockeys for Flash’s coveted top spot as eLearning darling, we take a look at what the inevitable demise of Flash means for eLearning professionals. It’s been five years since Steve Jobs wrote Thoughts on Flash, an open letter setting out the reasons why Apple would […]

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You Don’t Need “Technical” Instructional Designers. Here’s Why.

Instructional Designers design instructions, right? So, why not free up your learning experts to concentrate on what they’re good at? How? Simple: give them tools so they no longer need to be highly technical or experienced in eLearning. Are your Instructional Designers… spending too much time repeating tasks like GUI (Graphical User Interface) design, setting […]

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Are Subject Matter Experts Slowing Down Your Elearning Production Process?

Are you having trouble developing your eLearning quickly? Have you found that the bottleneck involves your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)? Here are some ideas to help speed up projects by involving Subject Matter Experts throughout the entire eLearning development process. You’ve jumped through hoops to get an eLearning project scheduled with your busy team and […]

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Elearning translation projects: Save time and money with these ideas

If you’re a training manager in a global organization looking to make sure your educational materials reach all your employees, eLearning translation and localization may just be the answer. In this article, I’ll show you how to save time and money in your eLearning translation projects. Although eLearning is highly extensible because it can be […]

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Why Online Collaboration Is The Solution To Your Learning And Development Team’s Efficiency Problem

Are you an eLearning manager working with a talented but large or distributed team? Looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your team? Read on to learn why online collaboration might be the answer. Today I’m going to share some solutions to help you solve the common challenges that are affecting your Learning and Development (L&D) team’s efficiency. I’ll […]

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How To Use Master Courses (Templates) To Deliver Elearning Faster

Under pressure to deliver more for less? Reusing elements from projects such as design, interactions, logos, look and feel, media, assessments, and content can really help you save time. Let’s look at how you can use Master Courses to create eLearning themes that will allow you to reuse these elements over and over again. In […]

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