Li Whybrow

Is your SME telling you stories?

Usually, but not always, if you peel back the layers of the requirement for any learning intervention, you’ll find it’s the SME (subject matter expert) who is the real champion behind it. I say this because, in around 90% of the elearning projects I’ve been involved in, it was the SME who first identified there […]

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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Distributed Teams

Do you ever get frustrated building digital learning products? Here at Elucidat, we spend a LOT of time talking about this with folks in the e-learning industry. In fact ‘frustration’ seemed to feature quite a lot in some of our discussions (see our previous post about the underground revolution in elearning). It was out of […]

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Authoring elearning? Here’s how to avoid ‘immeasurable hell’

When you are working with e-learning authoring desktop tools to develop, assemble and publish digital files, then the old adage “the more, the merrier” doesn’t hold up. In fact the more people working on your project, the greater the challenge. So what are the challenges? Desktop tools do what they say on the tin: fundamentally, […]

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