Stephanie Karaolis

How to drive performance improvement through scenario-based elearning

Descriptive paintings in caves from prehistoric times. Lyric poetry passed down orally through generations. Novels, theatre, TV soap operas…and elearning scenarios. It’s human nature to share wisdom, knowledge, information and life lessons through storytelling. So why wouldn’t you tap into that when it comes to designing elearning courses that needs to change behaviour, improve performance […]

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How to work better with your subject matter experts

The SME relationship can make or break an elearning project. As your gateway to the content, audience and organisation, the subject matter expert has the potential to either derail development or keep you on track and steaming towards the end goal. As an instructional designer, learning consultant or elearning project manager, your job is to […]

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How to design onboarding elearning that wins hearts and minds

Onboarding is about so much more than a years-old marketing video from the CEO and a building tour to point out the fire exits! Well-designed onboarding elearning improves employee retention, engagement and loyalty, as well as compliance and speed-to-competence – all really important business metrics. Would you believe that one third of people leave a […]

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How to win at gamification in elearning, every time!

Gamification; gamified learning; serious games. Whatever term you prefer, games and elearning have something of a chequered history! Once the thing everyone was talking about, then something most people were only talking about (and not really doing), and more recently a bit of an abandoned bandwagon. But gamification in learning is absolutely something you should […]

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How to design elearning endings with impact

How much thought do you give your elearning endings? We are (thankfully) past the days of a pop-up, printable “certificate” and thank you message. But are you doing as much as you could be to make sure you close out your elearning programme with impact? Read on for some practical tips and inspiring examples. First, […]

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4 engaging compliance training examples

The words “compliance training” often draw a collective groan, but it doesn’t have to be boring and ineffectual! Read on for online compliance training examples that are engaging and make a difference. Too many compliance courses are designed with the main goal of ticking a box to say the business has trained its employees. But […]

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4 awesome examples of gamification in elearning

Gamification is a word with a lot of baggage! Maybe you hear it, roll your eyes and think “buzzword”? Or perhaps it sounds a bit daunting to you? The truth is, there are loads of ways to incorporate games and gaming elements into your elearning. Read on for a few inspiring examples of gamification in […]

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6 brilliant responsive elearning design examples

Designing content to work seamlessly across different devices is a basic requirement these days. Need some inspiration for how to do that? Here are six responsive elearning design examples that get it right. Responsive design is no longer a nice-to-have. If you want to reach your learners, you need to deliver content to all the […]

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5 inspiring scenario-based elearning examples

Scenarios can be an effective way to engage your learners and really change their behavior. Here are five scenario-based training examples to inspire your next project. There are lots of ways to include scenarios in your elearning design, from quick and simple to longer-form and intricately designed. Whichever approach you choose, adding some kind of […]

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5 brilliant examples of branching in elearning: branching scenario examples and more

When it comes to online learning experiences, branching can be a great way to help learners practice, keep things interesting and relevant, and improve retention. Get ideas for how you could better engage your audience with these five branching examples. Branching simply means designing different routes through the content, depending on input from the user. […]

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