William Brown

Will heads up the Learning Consultancy at Elucidat, which helps our customers achieve their goals through specialist services.

How to design effective scrolling pages

In the era of multi-device content, scrolling pages are commonplace across the digital world. But when it comes to digital learning, how do you use scrolling with impact, and avoid losing people’s attention as they swipe down the page? Our design tips webinar explains how to design scrolling with purpose. Read on for a summary […]

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How To Create Effective Game-Like Learning (3 Examples And Video)

Game-like learning can be a great way to deliver content, particularly for decision-making scenarios. But can gamification really support learning? Or is it just ‘fun’ techniques that distract? Find out exactly how to create game-like learning that is motivating and engaging, with a clear purpose in elearning. Watch the webinar recording to find out why […]

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How to create personalized elearning (5 tips and examples)

In a world where ‘one-size-fits-all’ no longer applies, and advanced technology is ever-present, personalization has become essential. Especially when it comes to elearning. But what is personalized elearning and why should you start creating it? Find out exactly how to create personalized elearning that is relevant and relatable to keep your learners engaged.   What […]

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