The benefits of choosing Elucidat’s Professional Services vs Agencies

Getting an agency to build your elearning offers a number of benefits – but is it really the best choice in the long term? Elucidat’s Professional Services team offer a different kind of solution – one that will not only help you to deliver high quality, people-centered elearning, but also empower you to grow your skills and confidence, and set you up for future success.

Elucidat professtional services vs agency

What are Elucidat’s Professional Services?

Our team of expert Learning and Visual Design Consultants offer a suite of services to help you create and deliver impactful Elucidat courses. Rather than just designing and building courses for you, as agencies do, we offer varying levels of coaching and consultancy to help you achieve the results you want from your elearning.

“Partnering with Elucidat experts was the best investment SGS could make. It allowed our team to discover the “digital learning designers” in them. The partnership allowed them to create and deliver with speed and increased their confidence to create the next batch of modules! Thank you Elucidat team.”

– Luz Hoyos-Rossier, Global Head of Talent Development at SGS

Our 8 Services fall under two categories:

  • Empowering your team to succeed at scale
  • Supporting you with specific Elucidat projects

Find out more about the services in more detail with this interactive elearning course (built with Elucidat!)

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3 reasons why you should choose an Elucidat Professional Service to help you with your elearning

1. We’ll empower you to grow your authoring and design skills

Whereas agencies will design and build courses for you, our Services will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to do this yourself. Whichever service you choose, you’ll receive coaching and advice to help you create courses that work for your needs – whether that’s bigger picture support to help L&D teams pin down their elearning strategy, or project-specific advice, inspiration and reviews.

Our Professional Services team will work with you as strategic partners, empowering teams to confidently create elearning rather than needing to seek out agencies – meaning a much bigger return on investment long term.

2. We’re the experts in Elucidat

No one knows the tool better than us. As part of a Service you’ll receive expert, up-to-date advice for how you can get the most out of Elucidat. Depending on the service you choose, we can provide design inspiration for how to make the most of our latest features, expert tips and tricks, and detailed reviews to make sure your courses are at the level you want them to be and your team is set up for success.

3. We offer multiple services to meet your needs

When time is of the essence and money is less of an object, getting an agency to build a course for you can be the right solution. But we know L&D teams often have more nuanced needs than that. Perhaps you want a way to make it easy for novice authors to create elearning moving forward? Or have a team of experienced authors looking to level up their design skills? Or maybe an L&D team wanting to make sure their strategy is going in the right direction?

We’ve designed a suite of scale and project services so that we can best meet the range of needs you might have. Here are a few examples:

Elucidat best practice workshop

Bring your core team together to agree what transformational digital learning in Elucidat looks like for you. Our consultants will spend time understanding your team and your learners, then facilitate an action-packed remote workshop designed to inspire you. They’ll then help narrow down what will be most effective for you and the best practice principles that will get you there.

Examples from workshop outcomes

Brand style

Make consistent, brand-compliant elearning easy for your authors. Our expert Visual Consultant will apply your brand guidelines in the most effective way for digital learning content, creating a brand style that all your authors can use.

Example pages from initial design concepts

Project prototype

Hands-on help to bring your digital learning project to life in Elucidat and empower your team to do the same. First, we’ll work with you to determine the best way to turn your content into an engaging, people-centered digital learning project. Then it gets practical. We’ll build a 10-minute slice for you to extend, with the help of our handover document.

Example project structure

See more examples of Elucidat’s Professional services here.

Boost your confidence with Elucidat’s Professional Services

If you need someone to build a large-scale project for you completely from start to finish, then an agency is a great choice. But if you are looking for a long-term solution that empowers L&D teams and SMEs to grow their own skills, then Professional Services is likely to be the solution you need.

Want to find out which of our services might help you most? Learn more about Elucidat’s Professional Services and how they can help you overcome your biggest elearning challenges in this interactive elearning course (built with Elucidat!).

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