Open University’s “Which Brontë Sister?” Uses Elucidat’s Simple Yet Powerful Quiz Page Type

Do quizzes really do anything for anyone? Research says “Yes!” Quizzes can be used to test what people have learned but also what people want to learn. Completing the quiz created for the Open University I realize all my knowledge is about one Brontë sister. Sorry Anne and Emily. I will do better in 2017.

Each question gives you a quote or phrase from one of their novels and your task is to match this with the right sister.

Click here to visit Open University’s “Which Brontë Sister Wrote It?”

See this learning in action

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Why we like it

  • Uses a simple quiz page type, with marking and feedback.
  • The quiz is followed up with a range of other resources to whet your literary appetite further.

How to improve this elearning

This is a free and generic resource and therefore not aligned to a particular course or learning goal. It is used to motivate learners to discover the variety of writing that came from this well-known family. Quizzes can be used to help motivate, like this one, or they can be used to help people remember or assess what’s been learned. With all quizzes there’s best practice and you can read more about this here.

But don’t skimp on the feedback. You don’t want to bloat the quiz with unnecessary details but you do want to address why the choice is wrong, or right – that’s how you deliver valuable insights.

Next step:

Which Brontë Sister Wrote It? uses Elucidat’s simple yet powerful quiz page type to create an engaging learning experience. Contact Elucidat to discover how easy it can be to create engaging, high quality learning content.