Question Pools

This week we’ve added a new option to Elucidat that allows you to create ‘Question Pools’. With ‘Question Pools’ you can add an almost infinite amount of Questionnaire pages which will be displayed at random. Using ‘Question Pools’ counters copying and keeps your learners on their toes! To start using ‘Question Pools’: Build a question […]

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Creating Multi-Lingual E-Learning

A good workflow for creating Multi-Lingual courses can save you a lot of time and money. Multi-lingual courses can be created easily in Elucidat using Templates. Elucidat improves on the traditional process of using XML import files, allowing you to create multiple projects from one master template. Our intuitive design will: Accelerate your workflow (negating […]

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Audio player

This week we’ve added an ‘Audio player’ feature that allows you to add sound effects and music to your projects. The ‘Audio player’ feature’s simple interface allows you to drag and drop audio files straight into Elucidat and requires no prior experience with audio processing. The ‘Audio player’ provides wider accessibility and broadens your learner […]

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Easy-to-use responsive theme

The interface is simplified to essentials, allowing Subject Matter Experts and Graphic Designers alike, to create stunning presentations but with fewer distractions. The theme includes built in graphics and set values so you can focus on communicating your message rather than fiddling with dials. The Easy-to-use responsive theme works instantly on phones and tablets, no […]

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Commenting Feature

This week we’ve added an impressive new function to Elucidat which allows users to collaborate through comments. The comments feature removes any guesswork. It allows your team to work in harmony even when working remotely. Using the comments feature is quicker than using email, and saves you the confusion of switching applications. …some bold statements, […]

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Developer area

This week we’ve launched our new Developer Area, to take the lid off Elucidat, and allow users an unprecedented amount of control for an e-learning tool. In the Developer Area you can build from afresh or modify existing themes to create innovative new interactions. Alter your interface, create new page types and build bespoke themes […]

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Tracking change

This week we’ve revamped how Tracking works within Elucidat, to allow advanced students to progress rapidly. You can now specify the percentage of pages an e-learner must view to complete a module using the ‘Consider course completed after % of pages’ slider. The ‘Consider course completed after % of pages’ slider can be found in […]

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Image Library

This week we’ve added an important new feature to the Elucidat e-learning tool which allows users to strengthen the visual impact of their work at a couple of clicks… the Image Library. With the Image Library thousands of images are instantly available from the cloud allowing to create online learning resources at speed. To use […]

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