The Science Behind Digital Learning That Works [Recorded Webinar]

What makes learners tick? With 3 million learners creating data trails in Elucidat’s analytics, we’ve gained some fascinating insight. In this webinar with Lori Niles-Hofmann we put away the crystal ball and discussed how to use your data to create projects with a winning formula. If you couldn’t make it on the day, fret not. […]

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Reaching 3 million learners and beyond

Here at Elucidat, our “North Star Metric” is our learner count. It guides the decisions we make and the direction we take. We’ve just hit the 3 million learner mark one month earlier than expected, and we’re pretty excited about it! We thought it was worth reflecting on why we care, and what it means […]

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How to commercialize your elearning to drive revenue

When you invest in a piece of digital learning, are you confident that it’ll deliver a return? Commercialize, the fifth and final C in our 5C Framework, is all about designing elearning with ROI and revenue in mind. Whether you’re looking to develop an extended enterprise learning model, you’re a training provider expanding digital products, […]

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Mobile learning myths and the truth behind them

What do you use your smartphone for? How does that compare with mobile learning you’ve either designed or worked through? We’d bet that some mobile learning myths are causing a disconnect between the two. New ways of thinking We have the evidence of what works on phones right in front of us. We pick up our […]

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4 reasons to attend conferences as part of blended learning

Making the business case for attending a conference isn’t the easiest task. In both time and money, it’s hard to argue the ROI when you can find so much out online. But the team over at Administrate, are big believers in blended learning – and that means investing some time in face to face interaction, […]

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If instructional design is dead, what fills the void?

If you haven’t heard, “Instructional design is dead.” At least, that’s what some industry leaders have been saying over the last few years. Obviously, the pace and place of workplace learning has transformed, but does that mean the role of instructional design has become obsolete? What does it take to thrive as a designer in […]

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Elearning example: “Medical Ethics”

Patients, families, and health care professionals sometimes face difficult decisions about medical treatments. But where do you stand? OpenLearn’s interactive quiz gives you six medical cases and for each one asks whether you would side with the NHS or with the individual.

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Top Tips To Deal With “Negative” Learning Data

Some training managers may not collect data because they don’t want to know the real results. If it’s not going your way, you may not want to know, right? But without knowing the truth, L&D managers risk dropping out of sync with modern learning behaviors and “losing” customers. To stay relevant, useful, and prove business […]

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Blended Learning Is Set To Upend Traditional Learning. Is Your Company Ready?

New technology trends and tools inevitably invite disruption, and disruption is often equated with disorder. But the sense of disorder carries promise as the “old ways” of doing things, while reliable, become increasingly stagnant and insufficient, and evolving technologies and modalities unfold new possibilities. It‘s no different in elearning, where the landscape of learning and […]

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How To Translate Elearning Courses Without Increasing Production Time and Cost

Translating elearning courses comes with plenty of advantages—but can come at a high cost. In this article, Lisa Pudsey of Savv-e Learning (Elucidat’s Australian partner) explores how translating your training can expand your audience and improve communication, while not blowing out your budget. Ask yourself if a reasonable amount of people will need to access the course in […]

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Working With Subject Matter Experts To Speed Up Elearning Authoring

When you’re developing an elearning course, you may run into a few hiccups throughout the process. One of the most common issues involves subject matter experts (SMEs) — more specifically, a lack of action or slow response from your SME, usually at the most critical stages of elearning development. If you’ve run into this issue in […]

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3 Common Elearning Process Pitfalls That May Be Holding You Back

Is your standard elearning process working smart enough to support modern learning? In this article, we share three common process pitfalls and explain why they may be holding you back from creating smart elearning. In our new guide on how to use smarter processes, we pose two questions. Does the common elearning development process best meet your […]

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