Colour theme picker

This month we’ve added a nifty, time-saving tool, the ‘Colour theme picker’.

The colour theme picker can be located at the bottom of your screen, just below the ‘In page audio’ box:

color theme picker 3

Looks nice right!?

When you select one of the colour options using the toggle it will change the colours throughout the project (don’t worry though, any colours you’ve changed yourself won’t be affected).

Take this for example, if I choose the second toggle my theme colours will change to this saucy boudoir colour scheme:

color theme picker 1

…or if I change to toggle number 4 I get this lovely peppermint ensemble:

color theme picker 2


You can even set up your own colour themes by pressing the box of the item on the far right, here:

color theme picker 5

From here you can select a primary colour, a secondary colour, border radius and text size:

color theme picker 4

When you’ve selected your settings, press ‘Save Changes’ and your theme will change automatically.

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