Commenting Feature

This week we’ve added an impressive new function to Elucidat which allows users to collaborate through comments.

The comments feature removes any guesswork.

It allows your team to work in harmony even when working remotely.

Using the comments feature is quicker than using email, and saves you the confusion of switching applications.

…some bold statements, how does it work?

To add a comment:

1.) Right click on any area of your project in Edit View

2.) A pop up box titled ‘Comments’ will open

3.) Enter your text in the section that says ‘Add your comment here…’ and press enter

4.) You have now posted a comment.

5.) You will now see an icon to the right of the edit button (a number on an orange circle). This tells your team that there is a comment to look at. The more comments the higher the number.

Once a comment has been resolved press the ‘Mark this comment as resolved’ button:

Commenting Feature

You can view resolved comments by pressing ‘Show resolved comments’.

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