Compliance training ideas from six elearning experts

compliance training ideas

Do you have an strategy for compliance training? We’ve curated six of the best articles on compliance training to help you create more effective elearning.

Christopher Pappas: 7 tips for effective online compliance training

Successful online compliance training programs are rare and few between. An effective program must make sure employees understand the rules, no matter how complex they are, and protect your company’s most valuable asset: its reputation. In this article, Christopher shares seven tips to create the most effective online compliance training courses.

Here are Christopher’s seven tips for compliance training courses

David Becker: What’s your elearning strategy for compliance training?


Compliance not only helps to manage risks and control costs, it also contributes to brand value and revenue. In this article, David shares how designing a compliance training strategy based on a risk assessment model and treatment hierarchy can drive a more rational, measurable and aligned approach to compliance training.

Read David’s approach to compliance training

Asha Pandey: How to create a sticky learning experience in compliance training


In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, he says a message is “sticky” when it makes an impact, sticks with you beyond the learning experience, and when it influences your behavior. In this article, Asha elaborates further on this sticky concept, explaining how innovative approaches must be adopted when creating online compliance courses.

Read Asha’s approaches to creating a “sticky” compliance training experience

Heather Pope: Using storytelling for compliance: Why Storytelling is at the heart of great compliance training


Storytelling is useful when you need to make data and complex information meaningful and relevant to your audience. In this article, Heather Pope explains how using storytelling helps compliance learners not only absorb information, but also change behavior.

Learn Heather’s four tips on how best to use storytelling

John J. Park: How mobile learning tackles compliance training


Find out how the Qualcomm’s Mobile Learning team created a solution that sets a model for mobile compliance apps.

Read John’s article on mobile compliance training

Melissa Dougherty: 2 Top tips to make compliance training fun through gamification


Do your employees find compliance training boring? Have you tried gamifying your online compliance training courses? This is a must read for any business as Melissa shares her two key tips to making compliance training fun!

Discover how to make compliance training more enjoyable

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