Creating a scored course

Greetings Elucidites! Look’s like you’re making a course to achieve the ‘Graduate’ badge, good for you!

To have a course that can be considered as ‘Passed’ by an LMS you must include an assessment or other scored content (drag and drop, sortable screen).

Creating a basic Questionnaire

Firstly, let’s begin by building our Questionnaire page, if you are already familiar with the basics of editing Questionnaires skip to ‘Scored Questionnaire Page settings’.

This page will teach you to create a Questionnaire.

Scored Questionnaire Page settings

For your course to be marked as ‘Passed’ by your LMS you must change your ‘Page settings’.

Click the ‘Page settings’ button: Creating a scored course

Then choose the ‘Scoring & Completion’ tab (1.).

Creating a scored course

Now choose from the ‘This page is completed by’ dropdown (2.) either:

‘Submitting a score’ or ‘Submitting a CORRECT score’.

Scored Questionnaire Project settings

Next we need to look at our ‘Project settings’, press the ‘Configure’ (3.) button.

Creating a scored course

If you are using SCORM 1.2 you will need to change the ‘Mark completed courses’ (4.) option to ‘Passed’.

You will also want to adjust the ‘Pass rate’ (5.) to an appropriate level.

I look forward to awarding you a Graduate badge!

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