Customer Spotlight: How National Trust Increased Elearning Development Efficiency By 45%

National Trust is a UK charitable organization dedicated to preserving the nation’s heritage and open spaces for the public to enjoy. In 2015, the organization’s elearning needs were changing; they needed an authoring tool that could help them meet these needs.


Changing times and growing inefficiencies

Founded over 120 years ago by three people who saw the importance of heritage and open spaces, National Trust has since grown into a thriving community of over 85,000 staff and volunteers, and more than 4.45 million paid members.

Though the group’s passion lies in preserving the past, they have a history of embracing new technologies to help them train and connect their large organization more efficiently.

Paul Bird, Learning Technologies Manager at National Trust, was tasked with overseeing the organization’s elearning program – a daunting task for just one person.

But as the organization grew, so too did their elearning needs and Paul quickly recognized that their existing software couldn’t keep up – and without a change, neither could he.

“At the time, I was a one-man show,” Paul recalls. “Adobe Captivate was serving us to a degree, but was very, very slow to improve or come out with updates. It was kind of a single, static solution.”

Waiting for new features meant Paul was stuck doing much of the work manually to try and keep training current.

Worse, as expectations evolved, existing training programs weren’t connecting with staff the way they used to. Completion rates were falling, and so was engagement.

“Our elearning expectations were growing, but evaluations showed that our courses weren’t performing like they once were,” explains Paul. “And the level of polish in the presentation just wasn’t there.”

Cost-efficiency was also becoming an issue. Adobe Captivate came with a yearly, flat-rate fee – but due to it’s limitations, the organization was forced to rely on expensive external e-learning agencies.

“At the end of the day, we are a charity and we have to be very careful how we spend our money,” Paul explains. “The yearly update cycle on the software was no longer offering as good of a value.”

Paul began searching for a new tool that could help him cut out the costs of reliance on outside agencies, stay current and reduce the amount of manual work he had to do – all while improving the presentation of their training.

It was a big ask – but that’s when he found Elucidat.

“As elearning expectations were growing, our evaluations showed that our courses weren’t performing in the way they once were.”


  • Needed to be able to update and improve learning continually
  • Disinterested learners and dwindling training completion rates
  • Legacy software’s limitations lead to mounting training costs

A tool that evolves in step with your needs


Elucidat’s adaptability and consistently growing suite of useful features impressed Paul from the start.

“The lovely thing about Elucidat, the big plus, is that it continually evolves. It is the opposite of our old software, which was very slow to improve,” smiles Paul. “In a little over a year, Elucidat has introduced six or seven new features that we are actually using and that have made a real difference.”

Elucidat’s user-friendly templates have been enormous time-savers for Paul as they minimize manual work.

“They addressed our core needs by providing a tool that helped us translate classroom learning into an elearning course,” explains Paul. “Elucidat does this quickly and reliably, without much manual work at all. I can enter something once, rather than on each page.”

What’s more, Elucidat’s platform has empowered National Trust to implement a distributed authoring model, something that was impossible with previous tools. That’s led to a 50% increase in development capability, giving National Trust the ability to create more content at a lower cost.

“We made an update to our information security and compliancy training, something every organization needs to go through but nobody enjoys,” recalls Paul. “Someone emailed us to say this course is actually ‘sexy’. I couldn’t believe they were describing content on elearning in that way! Clearly this tool is a level above.”

“Someone emailed us to say this course is actually ‘sexy’. That was a wow moment. I couldn’t believe they were describing content on elearning in that way! Clearly this tool is a level above.”


  • A fluid, easy-to-update platform
  • Built-in templates drastically reduced manual work
  • Modern, media-rich presentation improved engagement

Lower costs and higher completion rates


For Paul, user feedback was encouraging, but the results of the switch spoke volumes.

“We are in development of our ninth course with Elucidat now. We’ve seen a 45% improvement in development efficiency since introducing the platform,” Paul boasts. “Their impact has been massive.”

Not only did National Trust see an improvement in course completion rates, learner satisfaction also skyrocketed.

“Year over year we’ve seen a 131% increase in staff training completion levels,” Paul beams. “We have also seen a 50% increase in users describing elearning content as excellent.”

These type of results mean that National Trust has not only become more fiscally efficient, but also more confident that staff and volunteers are properly trained.

“Increasing completion levels is a huge deal for us, because not only are we able to operate more safely and reduce business risk, it also means we know that all that investment we’re making in professional development is worthwhile.” Paul explains.

On top of improved development efficiency, Elucidat drastically cut the need for external training, further eliminating additional costs.

“Our improved efficiency in development has allowed us to complete compliance training quicker than ever before. We now have more time to focus on the development of interest-focused courses,” Paul says. “In the next year and a quarter our offerings will probably double.”

With increased interest, improved efficiency and decreased cost, Elucidat has completed the trifecta for Paul and the team at National Trust.

“We’ve now got more learners accessing learning than ever before. We have greater levels of completion and we are producing more content while spending less money, which is kind of the holy grail,” Paul explains.

For his part, Paul counts himself lucky to have found such an ideal solution.

“Our learners prefer Elucidat, we enjoy using it and it has had a positive impact on our bottom line. We are fortunate to be working with them.”

“We’ve seen a 45% improvement in development efficiency since introducing Elucidat. Their impact has been massive.”


  • 131% increase in staff completion rates
  • 50% increase in user satisfaction
  • 45% increase in training efficiency with $15,000 cost savings
  • A learner shift from tolerance to enjoyment

How much can Elucidat improve your efficiency and learner interest?

Give Elucidat a try – free of charge. We’d love to show you how much faster, easier and more effective your training can be.