Customer training: Hubspot vs Zendesk vs Xero

Customer training is on the rise. We look at three customer training programs and explain why we like each of them. Which one do you like the best?

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Hubspot Academy: Customer training that helps people understand Hubspot and Inbound marketing


HubSpot Academy offers certification, documentation, and training programs to help people understand how HubSpot and Inbound work. The Hubspot Academy team aims to educate and inspire people so that they can transform the way the world does business.

Why we like it:

  • Very easy to navigate through different topics.
  • Good use of instructor led learning through web conferencing.
  • Comprehensive Q&A section with lots of useful information available on demand.
  • Certification gives customers an incentive to complete the full training program.

Visit Hubspot’s customer training

Zendesk: Zen University offers virtual and instructor-led training to customers


Zen U. training courses are open to anyone. All the courses are virtual, instructor-led sessions that are conducted through a web conferencing tool.

Why we like it:

  • Free and paid courses provides a two-tier training program.
  • Pre-scheduled training and one-on-one training available to customers.
  • Additional opportunities offered to customers who complete the paid academy courses.

Xero U: The hub for Xero’s educational content for small businesses, accountants & bookkeepers


Xero U is the hub for Xero’s educational content for small businesses, accountants & bookkeepers. Choose your learning path with webinars, videos & more.

Why we like it:

  • Courses are neatly organized into sections tailored to specific types of customers.
  • High quality video production.
  • Xero certification program gives learners credibility and opens up additional opportunities.

Visit Xero’s customer training

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