Docebo partners with Elucidat to deliver seamless integration between LMS and authoring tool

We are excited to announce that Elucidat now integrates with Docebo’s LMS platform. Instead of spending hours manually exporting and uploading your elearning programs to an LMS, you can now send them directly to Docebo in a few short steps.


Docebo is a cloud-based LMS that comes with an ecosystem of features and modules that can be enabled or disabled. The platform is extendable and flexible to meet a wide array of requirements.

Docebo’s integration with Elucidat means you can quickly create and access your Elucidat projects directly inside the app.

Let’s look at three benefits of the Docebo Elucidat integration.

Save time and deliver elearning content faster


Forget exporting your elearning projects and then uploading them to your LMS. This is a time-consuming task that has now been eliminated, thanks to the Docebo Elucidat integration.

While inside Docebo, you can simply select your Elucidat project and add it as a learning object to your elearning course.

Instantly update learning content with Rapid Release


Elucidat’s Rapid Release republishing feature quickly updates content without the need to re-upload any SCORM files.

You can now make small changes faster and more efficiently. This means you can always keep your learning content up to date.

Don’t worry about Tin Can or SCORM compliance

tin can compliance (1)

Tin Can and SCORM compliance is a pain that keeps coming back every time you need to make a change to your learning content.

Since Elucidat’s Rapid Release updates learning content instantly, you bypass the need to check compliance each time you make a change.

Try Docebo for free

If you already have an Elucidat account, you can try Docebo on a 14-day free trial.

Visit the Knowledge Base to learn how to install the Elucidat app in Docebo.

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