How do you like your elearning? Dead or Alive? [Webinar]

What do you want your digital learning to be? Something that listens and responds to audiences’ needs, uses data smartly to personalize content, and pushes learning beyond the “moment” by driving conversations and encouraging sharing? Or something static, fixed size, and with a limited shelf life? Watch the recording of our webinar with Anders Pink to find out how you can deliver more ROI than RIP.

elearning dead of alive

Find out how to bring your elearning to life

Kirstie Greany from Elucidat and Stephen Walsh from Anders Pink discuss how to make digital learning that’s alive and kicking.

Watch the webinar recording to discover:

  • 5 easy ways to give your digital learning a heartbeat
  • A live example built in Elucidat, integrating curated content from Anders Pink
  • Where to focus efforts to deliver more ROI – using adaptive digital surveys coupled with smartly curated content
  • How to keep learning alive beyond your “module”

It would be a grave mistake not to watch it (sorry, we couldn’t resist one final pun!).

Create learning that lives

Digital learning is great for helping your audience get from A to B. But if it’s a static resource, it’s going to meet its fate pretty quickly.

Elearning doesn’t have to be like that. With smart tools and data on your side, you can go beyond A to B, and get to C:

  • Contemporary
  • Customized
  • Continuous
  • Curated

Not forgetting, Cost efficient!

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