Best Of 2016: 15 Excellent Elearning Examples To Inspire Your Next Project

Here’s a list of our favorite 15 elearning examples from our friends at Elearning Superstars.

The Open University: Finding The Truth


Why we like it:

  • Uses Elucidat’s new Layout Designer and Styles functionality to create interesting and varied interactions.
  • It’s a web-based responsive design.
  • Uses a case study approach to present and compare evidence and events.
  • Is interactive, immersive and thought-provoking.
  • Uses animation and voice over to present the narrative and engage learners. We like how the resource starts with the ‘story’, and ends with the ‘truth’.
  • Gives learners the power to make decisions (How reliable is the evidence? Who is to blame? Is prison the answer?) and compare their thoughts with those of experts.
  • Uses polling in an extremely engaging way to compare your initial verdict with your final verdict and compare this with the public vote.
  • The resource is followed up with real-life case studies, each one presented using an interactive timeline.

Click here to visit Finding The Truth

Learning Heroes: Unconscious Bias


Why we like it:

  • Animated videos that get the message of unconscious bias across in an engaging way.
  • Engaging and effective use of color, illustration and typography that helps visualize concepts.
  • A lively, character-rich voice-over, that’s upbeat and engaging (I can’t help thinking it’s Nick Knowles – this is unconfirmed of course).
  • A subtle use of sound effects.
  • Uses rich content to convey key messages e.g. research examples, statistics, and perception exercises.
  • An uncluttered interface helps focus attention on the content.
  • Uses a humorous tone that doesn’t overshadow the subject matter.

Click here to visit Unconscious Bias

Elucidat: How To Make A Cup Of Tea


Why we like it:

  • Demonstrates an alternative to the ‘click Next to continue’ type navigation. Scrolling feels more web-based and adds more variety to your delivery. Scrolling also makes it easier to design for multiple devices since tablet and smartphone users do a lot of scrolling anyway.
  • Uses a Hotspot Image Box to get the learner thinking rather than a traditional Single Choice Questionnaire page type. This way learners get to explore other options; useful for this kind of ‘did you know’ type question.
  • Demonstrates a Timeline to present sequential information in a single interaction. With this page type learners click hotspots on the Timeline to get more information about the subject.
  • The drop zone image used in the Drag and Drop page type visually fits the subject matter of the module. Who says you have to use a dull empty box?

Click here to visit How To Make a Cup of Tea

Khan Academy: Learn For Free About A Range Of Topics


Why we like it:

  • Q&A and discussion features let learners and coaches engage with each other in a community environment.
  • Good use of branching to create a seamless learning experience that is easy to navigate.
  • Gamification features (missions, badges, points) encourage learners to complete more courses.
  • Each learner creates their own personal profile which includes information about them and the courses they are participating. This helps learners build relationships with other learners and coaches.

Click here to visit Khan Academy

Hubspot Academy: Customer Training That Teaches Inbound Marketing


Why we like it:

  • Very easy to navigate through different topics.
  • Good use of instructor led learning through web conferencing.
  • Comprehensive Q&A section with lots of useful information available on demand.
  • Certification gives customers an incentive to complete the full training program.

Click here to visit Hubspot Academy

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Titleist: Vokey Design SM6 Education Course


Why we like it:

  • Good use of branching to personalize content to meet learner’s requirements.
  • Engaging videos do a great job of communicating the information.
  • Clickable images make it very easy to navigate through the course.
  • Progress bar keeps learners informed on how far they are through the course.

Click here to visit Titleist’s Vokey Design SM6

Elucidat: 5 Steps to Risk Assessment


Why we like it:

  • Good use of microlearning to deliver deep learning through short but personalized content.
  • Demonstrates vertical scrolling navigation. Scrolling feels more web-based and suits a job aid delivery.
  • Demonstrates the Tooltip feature which presents a definition or links to a website when learners click an underlined text area.
  • Uses badges to indicate progress through the job aid and completion of each step.

Click here to visit elearning

Olive Learning: Tesco Contractor Compliance Platform


Why we like it:

  • Multi-device design with learner able to pick up where they left off, on any device
  • Creative marketing ‘push’ campaign to keep audience hooked
  • Scenario-focused learning with interactive video
  • Additional or alternative information available for accessibility or literacy reasons
  • QR code brings up training record and shows proof of compliance
  • In-built digital certification
  • Creation of digital forms, using a bespoke app, enables contractors to easily complete admin
  • Accreditation: by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA),the UK’s leading third-party certification body

Click here to visit Tesco’s Compliance Platform

Will Interactive: Common Ground Is A Video-Based Module That Explores Sexual Harassment Issues And Law In The Workplace


Why we like it:

  • Fantastic videos – well scripted, well acted and immersive stories that are viewed through the eyes of a central character, who shares her inner, honest thoughts with the viewers
  • Bring to life the fact there’s sometimes gray areas around potential harassment cases – but if it’s not clear cut, you don’t just ignore
  • Enables exploration by suggesting learners choose another decision so they can see how it would have played out, even if they got the answer right first time
  • Nice, simple interface and full screen video
  • Neat use of sound when interacting with the menu
  • Accessibility options built in

Click here to visit Common Ground

Allen Interactions: Supply Chain Training


Why we like it:

  • The visual tour of a centre helps bring to life what a real centre is like, for those who can’t go to one for real
  • Immersive and interactive – it really puts learners in the shoes of a distribution centre employee, and enables them to learn through trying out tasks
  • Gamified – learners try out simulated tasks, learning from mistakes as they go – aka SimCity!

Click here to visit Supply Chain Training

OnClick: Sample Taker


Why we like it:

  • It’s visually fun! A strong use of iconography, illustration and photography.
  • Uses visual navigational clues. Iconic prompts support ‘click’ instruction.
  • Is supported by a quiz. This sits outside the elearning, 25 questions, with 80% pass rate to receive a certificate.
  • Has a good approach to chunking. Is dip-in-able but you can also click through linearly. Uses full page chapter headings and breaks that provide good signposting.
  • A great variety of content, that takes a reportage approach to the subject.
  • Every page is in the magazine style including the help page.
  • It has a good range of screen features and creative interactions. We especially like (well not ‘like’ exactly – maybe ‘appreciate the design’) of the ‘Who’s Who? Visualizing the Cervix’. This is a kind of cervical gallery which shows you what you might see during a screening (how to recognise signs of cancer for example) and what to do about it; ‘Label Close-Up’ is another good one and allows learners to rotate a vial and read the label. We like it.
  • This course is clearly aimed at a particular demographic but it’s very well put together.

Click here to visit Sample Taker

Elucidat: The Waste Challenge


Why we like it:

  • Uses polling to compare your answers with a public vote.
  • Polling results are presented in visually different ways.
  • Additional information supports the feedback given after each question in the form of a video and ‘did you know’ fact.
  • Feedback sits on a ‘full bleed’ background image which is used to support the key message.
  • Learners are given a final score and directed to further learning opportunities.
  • Uses Elucidat’s Layout Designer to create interesting and varied interactions.

Click here to visit The Waste Challenge

Nuggethead: PwP Story


Why we like it:

  • A great example of the use of a comic/graphic novel approach.
  • Good example of storytelling in elearning.
  • High end illustration makes it very compelling.
  • Good use of voiceover and sound effects.
  • Extra information is permanently available via the slide out tabs.
  • Clear, easy to use navigation.
  • There’s a ‘scenario map’ that can be used to jump quickly between scenes.

Click here to visit PwP Story

Smart Sparrow: Learn Genetics


Why we like it:

  • Provides video ‘help’ function which shows the step-by-step process and leads the learner towards the correct response.
  • Great use of imagery – full-screen background image to situate the learning in a lab, and high quality content illustrations for the activities.
  • Good example of a simulation – lets you conduct the experiments and practise the processes.
  • Scaffolded instructional design – provides guided learning to help you if you get stuck, but doesn’t force the learner to go through training if they are progressing well. Gives learners a chance to take the test again after the training intervention.
  • Gives learner opportunity to do some research first or press ahead in the process.

Click here to visit Learn Genetics

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Steve Penfold

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