Titleist, Medieval Swansea, and Open University used Elucidat to create these elearning courses


Here are three elearning examples that have been developed using our Elucidat authoring tool.

Draw inspiration from these examples and contact us to learn how Elucidat can help you create something similar.

Titleist: 716 Irons Product Training

This product training program from Titleist was developed in Elucidat by Learning Evolution. It helped to launch five new product categories in the Titleist Iron Clubs range. The training explains the features of each club and shows how the clubs can give you more distance.


  • Creative design-led program that mixes web design elements to create visually vibrant elearning.
  • Easy to use and not over-engineered. It’s a simple solution that’s fits it’s purpose.
  • Good use of interactive questions at key points to pose knowledge challenges about the content.
  • Good use of high-end, bespoke imagery in the backgrounds and content.

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Open University: Choose Health


This interactive module uses fictional case studies to raise questions about what good healthcare is. The elearning was created in Elucidat by Made Sense Design.


  • Strong visual design has good proximity of content and uses contrast well.
  • One page layout with scrolling navigation structure is designed for tablets to enable a visual journey.
  • Multi-device capability: tablets, phones, desktops.
  • Good mixture of media with use of illustrations and photographic imagery.
  • Interactive case studies set out the issues and invite the learner to explore a range of solutions, each leading to the next part of the story.

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City Witness: Medieval Swansea


Medieval Swansea is an interactive historical game that enables learners to take on the role of detective to solve a mystery. This elearning was created in Elucidat by Make Sense Design.


  • Works well on all platforms and devices. Fully responsive with great displays.
  • Interactive challenges take learners on quests to solve a medieval mystery.
  • Progression – a dynamic map shows learners what stage they are at and what’s left to do.
  • Continuous feedback available at each stage of the investigation.
  • Dynamic polling. Vote on solving the mystery and see how other players are voting.
  • Effective use of a scoring system. Many opportunities to gather points and bonuses to unlock the next stage.

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