How Elucidat Helped Elearning Newbie Create 11 Hours Of High Quality, Engaging Content

Creating learning content with zero learning design experience sounds hard, right? Not anymore. Read this success story to learn how Adam Crowther, Research Worker at King’s College, created 11 hours of high-quality content with help from Elucidat’s authoring tool and Academy program.


Information Overload

One of the most prestigious universities in the UK, King’s College London is renowned worldwide for both their research and instruction.

Their Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) fosters a unique learning environment where research is put into practice at one of two nearby teaching hospitals.

One such research project-turned-therapy developed at IoPPN by Prof. Dame Til Wykes and Dr. Clare Reeder is CIRCuiTS – a computerized form of cognitive remediation therapy that benefits people experiencing psychosis and other severe mental health difficulties.


CIRCuiTS therapy was making quite the impression throughout the field, and soon workshops were attracting more interest from learners than IoPPN could accommodate with traditional learning.

The decision was made by Prof. Wykes and Dr. Reeder to begin offering CIRCuiTS training online, and, under their guidance, research worker Adam Crowther was one of those tasked with creating the course.

“King’s has been training therapists to deliver CIRCuiTS for over a decade, but that training has been in the form of a two-day, in-class workshop,” Adam explains. “The workshops were restricting how many people we could train. It was also a big ask for people outside of the UK, so translating the therapy training into elearning seemed like a great solution.”

Adam had both the knowledge base and experience with CIRCuiTS necessary to build the course, but with no elearning background, he quickly became overwhelmed.

“The the idea of creating an elearning course was incredibly daunting,” Adam recalls. “I had never built a module before, let alone an entire course.”

Besides the sheer volume of information, Adam was also concerned with how the theory-rich content would translate in a virtual setting.

“The problem with the CIRCuiTS therapist training course was that there was so much content to get through, and a lot of it is very dense and theory driven,” Adam explains. “We wanted to find a way to make the material more bite-sized, more interesting, more digestible, but we weren’t sure how to tackle it.”

Bringing in an elearning software was a logical solution for helping Adam scale his effort.

But with such specialized content and a sophisticated audience waiting in the wings, finding the right software would be critical.

“What we wanted to do was find a way to make a lot of theory rich material more bite-sized, more interesting, more digestible, but we weren’t sure how to tackle it.”

Summary of Challenges

  • More learners than training spots available
  • No existing elearning courses and no experience creating elearning
  • Theory-dense material was difficult to trim down

A Structured Plan and Personalized Support

When Adam was first introduced to Elucidat by his manager, he was immediately impressed by the company’s willingness to offer advice and guidance every step of the way.

“Simon Greany (Elucidat Learning and Design Consultant) asked us to write three example modules and they were like theses; we wrote way too much,” laughs Adam. “He looked over everything we sent and showed us what it would look like in Elucidat. He also proposed a structure across all the modules so the learners would feel a flow throughout the course.”

On the advice of Elucidat, Adam split the modules into four categories: The Story So Far, Get the Basics, Dig Deeper and Put It Into Practice.

It was this four-tiered system that proved to be a game-changer for Adam.

“Simon suggested we follow a formula to present the introduction, basic facts, theory and exercises,” Adam recalls. “I cannot begin to explain how helpful Elucidat’s advice was. As soon as we were given that structure, everything fell into place.”


With Elucidat’s help, Adam was able to create the type of engaging and interesting modules he had been seeking – without sacrificing content depth.

“It was a challenge to think about how to explain things without relying on our field jargon. It meant a lot to have the advice of Elucidat not only for module structure, but also how to talk about things,” Adam explains. “They were constantly having us see the content through the eyes of the learner – that was a real eye-opener for me.”

The once theory-dense material was also given new life with the introduction of short videos and original cartoon drawings.

“We’ve managed to create something with Elucidat that is fun and engaging,” smiles Adam. “We’ve got this amazing media thread going through that’s really brought the training to another level. Elucidat has made the whole course almost unrecognizable.”

“It meant a lot to have the advice of Elucidat not only for module structure, but also how to talk about things. They were constantly having us see the content through the eyes of the learner.”

Summary of Solution

  • Guidance and feedback from Elucidat’s e-learning experts
  • Structured, consistent layout across all modules
  • Introduction of a variety of media platforms

Revitalized Training and Global Opportunity

An elearning newbie, Adam was amazed at how easily he was able to work within Elucidat.

“I genuinely thought I would never be able to build a course, and within two weeks I was completely comfortable working in Elucidat,” grins Adam. “Now I can build a module in Elucidat in a day, no problem.”


With Elucidat, Adam has been able to create 11 hours of quality elearning content which will allow IoPPN to significantly increase the number of therapists they are able to train each year.

“Using Elucidat will allow us to double or triple the amount of learners in our first year,” Adam beams. “This will likely increase hugely as the years go on and training is extended to our colleagues in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.”

With his first elearning course under his belt, Adam is eager to continue working with Elucidat well into the future.


“Elucidat offers so much more than just their software. They really go above and beyond for their clients by offering suggestions and advice on everything from layout and design to media partners,” Adam explains. “We feel very lucky to be working with Elucidat.”

“Our elearning platform will allow us to double or triple the amount of learners in our first year. This number is likely to increase hugely as the years go on.”

Summary of Results

  • Increase in productivity and user confidence
  • Increase in number of learners able to access training
  • Engaging and informative modules without sacrificing content

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