Elearning translation ideas to help you create more effective elearning faster

Elearning translation is complex, time-consuming and costly. Here are eight articles – from eight elearning experts – to help give you some new ideas to make your elearning translations more efficient – and more cost-effective.

1. Christopher Pappas: How to effectively translate your elearning course (8 tips)

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Translating your eLearning deliverable can be time consuming and quite costly, but in this article Christopher will show you how to effectively translate your elearning course without the stress that is usually involved.

Here are some invaluable tips and tricks for elearning translation

2. David Kasteler: 10 easy steps for successful elearning course translation

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Elearning course translation can have challenges but with proper organization companies can easily overcome those challenges. In this article David outlines some easy steps to follow to help the translation process.

10 easy steps for successful elearning course translation

3. Annette Heidrich: 10 essential tips of elearning translation and localization

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With many moving parts, elearning and training translation can be quite complex. In this article Annette explains how proper preparation can eliminate unnecessary costs and foster an efficient process to keep the project on schedule.

Here are Annette’s 10 tips to help avoid common localization issues

4. Christopher Pappas: 5 elearning translation mistakes you should avoid

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Elearning translation can prove to be challenging, even if you have a vast amount of eLearning experience under your proverbial belt. Christopher shares some of the most common mistakes and some tips to help you avoid making them.

5 elearning translation mistakes to avoid

5. Training Zone: Elearning translation & localization

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There are two options to be considered for eLearning localization. You could either re-record the whole course in the language you require, or you could just try out subtitling.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each option

6. Acclaro: Top 10 tips for training and elearning translation

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Acclaro shares 10 tips to help you avoid some common translation pitfalls when gearing up to take your computer-based training modules, classroom instruction materials or eLearning applications multilingual.

Click here to read the 10 tips

7. Ingenuity: Elearning localization is more than just translation

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When translating elearning it’s important that the end user understands each aspect of the course, without making the course dry or stale. Effective eLearning localization is more than just translating words – it’s about choosing the right regional context.

Learn why elearning localization is more than just translation

8. Dan Scholes: 7 tips when creating elearning for translation and localization

elearning translation 8

Strong, multi-lingual elearning requires a comprehensive strategy for localisation to be incorporated into the project. To help, Dan Scholes from Sponge UK has put together a few tips for a successful and pain-free process.

Read Dan’s elearning translation and localization tips

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