How to maximize success of your elearning with Elucidat Analytics [Webinar]

Do you want to make sure your learning content is delivering value? There’s a wealth of data at your fingertips to help you design and refine your learning to deliver the best results. In this 17 minute webinar recording Joe Burns, Head of Support at Elucidat, talks about how to use Elucidat Analytics to maximize the success of your elearning.

dashboard analytics

Key to improving your digital learning content is to focus in on the right metrics to inform how you refine existing content and inform future decisions. Elucidat’s built-in Analytics gives you unique insight into how your learners interact with your elearning and allows you to track trends across the board.

Take a deep dive into Elucidat Analytics

Watch the video to discover how to:

  • Identify key learner trends – get a picture of your learners journey, completion rates, device types and much more
  • Analyze learner responses – see how your questions are being answered and adjust your learning accordingly
  • Spot issues and blockers – see how learners progress through the content, identify where they may lose interest or get tripped up

Learn more about using data to improve your elearning: