Elucidat wins elearning award for best use of mobile learning

Our collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) and perceptive, the Eye Education App won an award in the Best use of mobile learning category at the 2015 UK National E-Learning Awards.


This is a great achievement by all involved. At Elucidat, we strive to push the boundaries with elearning, always looking for innovative ways to create better-looking, more effective elearning solutions.

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Why was the Eye Education App needed?


JJVC were experiencing a challenge. The General Optical Council (GOC) required Eye Care Practitioners (ECPs) to achieve a minimum of 36 Continuing Education Training (CET) points in a three-year period. New rules were introduced in 2013 that require at least half the CET points to come from training classified as interactive.

So, how could JJVC continue to provide distance learning while accommodating the new rules on interactivity?

JJVC needed an interactive elearning solution that took into account the needs of the modern, time-poor ECP.

Why did JJVC choose Elucidat?


  • Multi-device compatible: ECPs were screaming for access to training on their mobiles because many don’t have ready access to desktops.
  • Bite-sized modules: ECPs have little free time during the day. Elucidat’s bite-sized modules make learning possible in the gaps between patients.
  • Hosted in the cloud: JJCV needed the ability to make ongoing changes to their courses so they can stay in step with any new regulatory requirements. Elucidat’s content is hosted in the cloud so changes can be made instantly.
  • API: JJVC needed to embed their content into a smartphone and tablet App. Elucidat’s API made this possible.

What were the results for JJVC?


  • JJVC is now delivering twice as much training to ECPs.
  • There is a 740% increase in the number of course completions.
  • 2420 learners represent a 12% ECP market penetration.
  • Modules can be done in breaks between patients.
  • The app has opened up direct communication channels with ECPs. JJVC now sends push notifications to let ECPs know when new courses and training events are available.

Marcella McParland, Director of Professional Affairs UK & Ireland at Johnson & Johnson Medical, shared a few words on how the Eye Education App has helped the company.

“The Eye Education App has been much more successful than we ever thought. Using the insight that ECPs needed something easy to use at a time that suits them really helped us to deliver the perfect solution – interactive education on all the required competencies delivering CET points directly to their phone or tablet. We have been staggered by the excellent feedback the App continues to receive, and we are committed to using mobile learning into the future.”

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