Enhanced Asset Library: Produce consistent, on-brand elearning with remote authoring teams

Our new Enhanced Asset Library enables you to sort, label, and manage assets across projects from a single global library. Read on to learn how it can help you speed up production and create consistent visual experiences.

enhanced asset library

Elucidat’s Enhanced Asset Library has been built to help you in three ways:

  • Speed up production by providing a ready-made set of organized assets for your remote authoring team to use.
  • Create consistent visual experiences for your audiences.
  • Ensure on-brand images across all your releases (your brand team will love you).

Consistency headaches solved: Introducing Elucidat’s Enhanced Asset Library

As a cloud-based collaborative authoring tool, Elucidat is set up to support remote teams creating and reviewing digital learning projects together. You can:

  • Set up a consistent on-brand Style
  • Define a set of bespoke project templates (or use those that come ready-made)
  • Have team members work on the same content at the same time
  • Use the in-built comments function for collaborative reviewing and QA

Imagine your team members are all separately uploading images, videos and audio clips to use in the content without a clear set of guidelines? And what if these are used inconsistently?

You could end up with different-sized images, random background colors and images and even the same icon being used for three different purposes. And, when your branding changes, how can you stop people from using those embarrassing old images?

This is where our Enhanced Asset Library can help you maintain consistency. Here’s a quick screenshot:

enhanced asset library elucidat

We understand that first impressions really count when it comes to engaging learning audiences – so how your digital learning looks, feels and shouts its brand is vital. We also get that having assets on hand during your authoring experience helps speed up the process.

This is why we’ve always offered a searchable, account-wide Asset Library, which any author can access and upload to.

Our newly released Enhanced Asset Library enables you to take asset management to the next level. You can now manage assets from one central place – dividing them into clearly labelled folders for your team to use. You can also find and replace or delete an image globally.

The benefits? Speedier production, and the assurance that out-of-date images like this (surely not!) don’t creep into your releases.

outdated style
Ouch! (Image taken from Forbes article on power-dressing).

The Enhanced Asset Library enables you to…

1. Batch upload

Got a load of images, video or audio clips already in existence that you want to use in your digital learning projects? Our Enhanced Asset Library enables you to upload them all at once. Bonus. You can then get to sorting them out…

2. Assign assets to folders and projects of your choice

Once all the assets are in your library, arrange them into meaningful folders such as:

  • Background images
  • Icons
  • Banner images
  • Case study videos
  • Module 1 assets

asset library folder

The image above shows an illustration folder, yet some images also belong in other folders too.

Use your folders to guide your team around which assets to use for what purpose, as well as making them easier to find. You can even go as far as “page 1 assets,” if non-designers are creating the content.

You can also assign assets to specific projects, so they can only be used in that instance.

3. Find and replace assets, globally

If you or your brand team needs to update or replace an image, with Enhanced Asset Library, you can do this once and Elucidat will replace all instances of it.

find replace image elucidat

4. Track changes

Enhanced Image Library displays key info about each file, so you can double check when an asset was uploaded or last modified.

Months or years down the line, when you’ve got thousands of assets in your library, you’ll be able to quickly track which assets are potentially in need of a refresh.

5. Delete unwanted assets, once

Make your brand team love you.

Get rid of those embarrassing, off-brand or out-of-date images from your library altogether.

The Enhanced Image Library enables you to delete an asset once, removing it from all the folders. Your team won’t be able to use it in their projects going forward.

Final thoughts

Any successful digital learning project needs a certain level of process and management. Alongside a clear design vision and a smartly structured team, the Enhanced Asset Library enables project production and reviews to run super fast, without the need for dreaded micromanagement.

If you’d like to find out more about how the Enhanced Asset Library can help you and your team, get in touch.


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