How ForgeRock uses Elucidat to create more internal training without adding headcount (and costs)

ForgeRock, an identity and access management software company, needed an authoring tool that was easy to use and met specific standards and requirements. In this success story, learn how Elucidat has helped the company scale internal training without adding additional headcount.


ForgeRock develops digital identity management solutions that build secure and trusted relationships between users, devices, services and the Internet of Things (IoT).   The organization’s training team, ForgeRock University, helps deliver sales and compliance training to over 400 employees.

As ForgeRock has grown from its origins in Norway with its five founders to over $100m in bookings in six years, employee learning has become more and more important. The organization relies on Elucidat to help it deliver more and more training (increase of output by 300%), without adding more headcount and cost to the team.

The Challenge

Kevin Streater, Director of Global Training Sales, leads the training business at ForgeRock. He’d begun looking for an authoring tool that could help his team keep up with their increasing demand for internal training content.

“We don’t have a traditional IT department, because everything we do is cloud-based. I wanted to take this approach with our education tools. I needed something that was cloud-based, that had a monthly or annual pricing model, no capital requirements and used open APIs and standards.”

The authoring tool would primarily be used for internal training. It would begin with sales training and potentially add compliance training in the future.

While creating and delivering content was important, ForgeRock also needed a tool that could help them refresh and update their content every six months.

“Our content changes every six months. I need to be able to make sure that if a new sales rep joins, their sales onboarding is current. There’s no point teaching them about what we released six months ago. It needs to be about what we’re releasing now.”

The Solution

After evaluating a number of authoring tools, Elucidat was the only solution that met Kevin’s standards and requirements.

“The integration was easy with Administrate (training management system and LMS). All the scoring is done in Elucidat and passed back to Administrate where I can do all my reporting. It was a very smooth process and it just worked!”

In addition to meeting specific standards, Elucidat’s easy-to-use features really stood out.

“I have a global operations teams who run my commercial training business for me. What I wanted to do was use a few spare cycles that I had to do some other projects for the company.”

“They are customer success people. I thought it would be great if I could get some of them working on Elucidat, producing content. They don’t need to be the content experts, but they do need to be able to put things together and know what a good course looks like – and make sure it works.”

Everybody in Kevin’s operations team began using Elucidat, and none of them had a technical background. ForgeRock reused existing resources to to assist with course development.

“They are given content by specialists in the business. For example, marketing might provide a structure and some questions, then the ops team builds a course.”

“I’ve got these non-course developers creating really good, attractive, usable elearning content. Where else do you find that?”

“It’s point and click in Elucidat, and you get the same results as the more technical tools.”

Elucidat also made it easy for Kevin’s team to quickly get started. They used the template system to create themes that could be reused by anyone on the team.

“I like the template system in Elucidat. Elucidat created a template for us that was based on our brand guidelines and pushed it out to the team. Now, all the content is created using the new template. All the content is on brand and fits with everything the company is doing. It was easy to do!”

Another advantage for Kevin was being able to keep his content up-to-date. For example, his sales reps needed sales onboarding training that was current. So, as the product changed or new features were added, he was able to update the sales onboarding training quickly – without needing to spend hours and extra resources rewriting and republishing the courses from scratch.

“In previous systems, it’s been a case of go back, rewrite the content, go through a publishing cycle, load all the content. With Elucidat, I don’t have to do any of that. When I’m ready to release, I just press the release button. It’s immediately updated on Administrate and I haven’t got a release delay anymore. There’s no easy way of doing that in other platforms.”

The Results


ForgeRock employees love their training content. For example, ForgeRock’s onboarding enablement program is a series of classes built in Elucidat. This program started with a handful of people and has now become the core package.

“All the sales team just took to it immediately. They love the adaptability to any device. On the first day it was released, we were all out for dinner, and our German sales manager was on his phone answering the questions. I thought that was great, because regional sales managers are probably the hardest audience to get to.”

Kevin has also been able to scale his training without increasing headcount and costs. When it comes to ROI, he uses his team’s headcount to explain how much value ForgeRock is getting from Elucidat.

“The big metric I use is headcount. I’ve grown the business over 100% each year since I started at ForgeRock. But I haven’t had to add anybody to the University department. Elucidat has saved us having to add headcount, which means we have been able to put our resources into what really matters – our engineering functions.”

“I’m using spare cycles in our delivery ops and sales enablement teams to build elearning. Elucidat is allowing us to make good use of the resources we have already got, saving us money.”

ForgeRock is also saving money on refreshing content. Having to refresh content every six months could have overwhelmed the organization. But because of Elucidat instant update and release features, Kevin doesn’t need to hire any additional staff dedicated to writing and updating content. ForgeRock can now keep its content refreshed without needing to allocate additional resources and headcount.

Kevin is confident these early results are just the beginning. As the organization continues its rapid growth he recognizes the need for Elucidat to help with creating more and more training content.

“Elucidat is effectively becoming our in-house solution for all of our sales, enablement, and compliance training. HR is now looking at it for more general onboarding content, and finance is looking at it to provide finance training to managers.”

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