Gifting Projects

This week we’ve added a handy new function to allow you to ‘Gift’ projects from your learning agency to your clients.

Gifting allows your entire learning agency to seamlessly share projects between Elucidat accounts.

Gifts are duplicates of your projects, which means you can hand them over to clients whilst keeping backups and peace of mind.

To ‘Gift’ a project.

Find and open the project which you wish to ‘Gift’.

Open the ‘Project Settings’ menu.

On the right hand side of the screen you will see three orange buttons (Duplicate, Convert and Gift).

Gifting Projects

Press the ‘Gift’ button.

Now enter the email address of the client you wish to ‘Gift’ your project.

Press ‘Send invitation’.

The client who you have sent the invitation to will receive an email notification.

In order to accept the ‘Gift’ they must either click the URL titled ‘Accept this course’ in the email invitation…

Gifting Projects

…or they must visit their ‘Dashboard’ where they will see a prompt saying ‘You’ve been given a Course!’.

Gifting Projects

Note: If your client is not an account owner or editor they will be prompted to create a new account. It’s easy to create an account and your client will find the course ready for them when they log in.

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