How to commercialize your elearning to drive revenue

When you invest in a piece of digital learning, are you confident that it’ll deliver a return? Commercialize, the fifth and final C in our 5C Framework, is all about designing elearning with ROI and revenue in mind. Whether you’re looking to develop an extended enterprise learning model, you’re a training provider expanding digital products, or you simply want to prove the value of in-house training, our new guide will help you think commercially about your elearning. 

commercialize elearning guide

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Why should you think commercially?

The analysis and creativity required to make an effective piece of learning can sometimes feel distant from the commercially-savvy mindset needed to drive revenue. But they aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, thinking commercially at the start of a new project and incorporating plans for scalability can open up more design opportunities.

And, the benefits are clear! By thinking commercially throughout your production process, you could:

  • Prove the ROI of in-house digital learning
  • Reach new markets with your digital learning products
  • Open up new revenue streams without starting from scratch
  • Project the returns from a high-budget showcase piece
  • Make a business case for extended enterprise elearning

The three magic ingredients

Organizations that have successfully commercialized their products keep three factors perfectly in balance:

Scalability: increasing the reach of digital learning
Quality: designing compelling products
Speed: increasing speed to market

At Elucidat, we’ve seen these three factors come together for several of our most successful customers.

“Elucidat is integral to making Franklin Covey’s on-demand learning model grow, allowing us to create easily updatable, high quality learning content at scale.

“With Elucidat, we’ve been able to meet the needs of overseas clients by localizing our digital learning products into 15 languages. As we scale up our production and increase our speed to market, the ROI we get from Elucidat just keeps getting better.”

Jim Packard, Digital Product Manager at Franklin Covey

Get started today

Are you ready to commercialize your elearning and drive ROI or revenue for your organization? We can help. Our free Commercialize Guide contains handy tips and ideas on how to:

  • Increase the reach and distribution of your digital learning
  • Avoid common design pitfalls and, instead, create products that sell
  • Spot new revenue opportunities
  • Increase the value of existing products
  • Streamline workflows to speed up production

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Further support in commercializing your learning is available from the expert Learning Consultants at Elucidat. Get in touch to find out how our Revenue Generator service could help you.