Audio player

This week we’ve added an ‘Audio player’ feature that allows you to add sound effects and music to your projects.

The ‘Audio player’ feature’s simple interface allows you to drag and drop audio files straight into Elucidat and requires no prior experience with audio processing.

The ‘Audio player’ provides wider accessibility and broadens your learner demographic.

To start using the ‘Audio player’:

1.) Scroll to the bottom of your page, here you will see a grey box titled ‘Audio player’.

2.) Click the Edit Button.

3.) Click the Speaker Button.

4.) Now Drag and drop an Audio file into ‘Drop your audio file here to upload’ field or press ‘Choose file’ to select your audio manually.

5.) Now from the ‘Audio Position’, choose where you would like your audio player to be displayed. If you don’t want a player choose ‘Off the page’.

6.) You can also make your audio files play automatically with the ‘Autoplay’ toggle.

Now everything is in place, you will have to wait a short while your audio is encoded.

Note: Elucidat supports .ogg and .mp3 audio formats.

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