Increase Learner Engagement with these Five Tips From Docebo

Learning and Development teams are on an endless search to create an engaging learning experience that motivates learners to log back into their LMS platform and continue learning. In this article, the Docebo team explores five LMS features that will help you bolster user engagement and knowledge retention.


1. Gamification to Incentivize Performance

An LMS offering gamification features taps into every learner’s desire to win by allowing course authors to assign points to questions, or courses, so users earn badges to level up and jockey for rank in your company’s leaderboard. An LMS with advanced gamification lets your learners cash in the points, or coins, they’ve earned for real-world prizes.

2. Microlearning for Busy Users

Microlearning is becoming more prominent in the elearning industry because, truth be told, it capitalizes on our short attention spans. Delivering training material in quick, bite-sized chunks is the essence of microlearning. Keep your learners from wandering to their favorite sites by adding short videos or a SlideShare directly into your platform.

3. Custom Channels to Deliver More Relevant Elearning Content

The simplest way to boost user engagement is to improve the look and feel of your elearning platform with a grid-like pattern. Grid-like patterns are most likely familiar to your learners because they see them every evening whenever they are watching their favorite movies or TV shows. Take your LMS one step further by making sure it recommends learning material based on the content they previously viewed.

4. Upload User-Generated Content to Knowledge Libraries

Knowledge libraries boost learners’ engagement by letting them capture and upload their own content to the shared channels in an LMS. This content is reviewed and approved by experts in the company. These learning assets can be made available through a variety of means, including being privately available for only a specific group of users.

5. Provide Broader Access to Subject Matter Experts

Often, connecting learners and experts is a missed step in the training process. Social learning engages learners by giving them a coaching platform for mentoring by experts in your organization. Collaborative learning also engages your experts because it lets them share the knowledge they have gained over the years.

Docebo’s implements all of these five features to drive your learners back to your LMS to continue their learning. Test-drive Docebo’s engaging LMS platform to see how it can help you increase learner engagement.


Docebo is a Cloud Learning Management System compliant with AICC SCORM xAPI standards.

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