5 elearning experts show you how to create innovative elearning that engages learners


Innovative elearning can increase user engagement and improve the effectiveness of your elearning projects. Below we’ve curated five articles on the latest innovative ideas from leading elearning experts. For further inspiration, head over to Elearning Superstars – a great resource that curates some of the most innovative elearning examples from all over the world.

Li Whybrow: Is your elearning boring? Spice it up with these 3 innovative elearning ideas


Consider using new, innovative techniques when creating your next elearning course. In this article, Li shares her three innovative elearning ideas. Use these ideas to create elearning that is more engaging and interactive for the user.

Here are Li’s three innovative elearning tips

Aleksandr Peterson: 4 innovative companies that gamified elearning

5 elearning experts show you how to create innovative elearning that engages learners

Science has proven the short term, achievable goals and rewards process of games is perfect framework for learning new material. It’s no surprise to see major enterprises catching on with the gamification trend in elearning. In this article, Aleksandr explores four innovative companies that gamified their elearning.

Read about the four innovative companies

Asha Pandey: Top 5 tips for innovative elearning development

asha pandey

In this article, Asha’s explains how to improve the “stickiness” of your elearning material through innovative learning strategies. The use of gamification and interactive videos are two of the five tips she’s talks about.

Read Asha’s five tips for innovative elearning development

Roz Bahrami: How do you infuse a culture of innovation?

roz bahrami3

Innovative ideas flow naturally innovative environments. The culture of your organization may be effecting the level of innovative ideas your employees are producing. In this article, Roz discusses ways to infuse innovation into your organization’s culture.

Learn how you can infuse a culture of innovation

Sean Hougan: 2014’s top three innovations in elearning pedagogy

 Sean Hougan

In this article, Sean takes a closer look at how Massive Open Social Learning, Learning Analytics and Blended Learning will influence the way we learn in the future.

Read Sean’s top three innovations in elearning



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