Introducing the new WYSIWYG Layout Designer in Elucidat

Being able to create customizable page layouts for your elearning is key to bringing your design concepts to life. We’ve listened to our user feedback, and have released an exciting update to Layout Designer that makes building custom pages in Elucidat a whole lot easier and more efficient.

elucidat layout designer icon

First, what is Layout Designer?

Layout Designer allows you to create your own templates and page layouts in Elucidat. With simple drag and drop functionality, you can build your pages exactly as you’d like them. You can then share these as templates with your team, supporting them to create consistently high-quality designs.

What’s the difference between Layout Designer and Author Mode?

While Layout Designer helps you to create the template and structure for your content, Author Mode allows you to input the actual content.

How has Layout Designer been improved?

Author Mode has always been WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), but the original Layout Designer tool didn’t give you visibility of both the content and design being worked on.

Quite rightly, Elucidat users have highlighted that this made it tricky to know what’s what when you’re adding and moving Parts in Layout Designer.

So, we’ve released a big update to make Layout Designer WYSIWYG too! It now reflects the content you’re working on in Author Mode, helping to speed up your production process.   

With Layout Designer you can now:

  • See content added in Author Mode
  • See images, audio and video displayed
  • See style changes reflected in Layout Designer
  • Duplicate ‘Parts’, including the edits

Imagine you’ve already added text and image content in author mode, but then decide you want to change the width of your columns or even add a video. Now, when you switch to Layout Designer, you can re-design and modify the overall layout and still see the content you’re working on within the page. Awesome, right?

Watch this video for more detail on the improvements we’ve made:

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