How to use learning analytics to improve elearning [Free guide]

There’s a whole wealth of insights out there that can help you improve your elearning, but are you using it? Cultivate, the fourth C in our 5C Framework, is all about how you can use data and learning analytics to achieve and measure success in your digital learning. Our new guide uncovers how to monitor live trends, tap into real user needs and behaviors, and actively shape your products around them every step of the way, to get the best results.

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Download the free Cultivate guide: How to use data to design and refine your elearning

Imagine you know…

  • The optimum length for your digital learning topics is eight minutes – but that US audiences prefer to go shorter
  • That videos with social polls and reflective questions get 40% more uptake over videos without
  • The reason learners are dropping out of a topic after just one minute is simply due to some misleading copy, which you can easily fix

Having that knowledge could be the difference between a product that reaches its objectives and impresses your stakeholders, and one that fades into obscurity.

To be the best, stay ahead, meet customer expectations and needs and hit those important performance targets, you will need to do more than doing, waiting and then evaluating. Cultivating your digital learning is about using data and analytics to read your audience, uncover problems and spot opportunities. This will allow you to be both proactive and reactive.

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You should think about using data and learning analytics:

  • Once your elearning content is live. Don’t just launch and forget. Use the learning analytics at your fingertips to continually refine and improve the content, ensuring you’re delivering the most engaging experiences.
  • Beyond the project. Make sure you’re balancing data about users and usage of the digital learning with your KPIs. This should then feed back into the planning of future projects.

Our latest guide focuses on the fourth C in our 5Cs Framework: Cultivate. In it, you’ll find practical guidance on how to use data to uncover insights and opportunities you can then jump on and use to reap greater returns for your products.

How to cultivate your elearning

The guide is full of ideas that can help you utilize data dashboards to:

  • Shape your design around real user needs and digital learning behaviors from the beginning
  • Run A/B tests to fathom which formats and structures drive the most users
  • Track what really matters, and identify quick or urgent fixes to make improvements
  • Identify what it was that worked/didn’t work to drive performance improvements

Data is everywhere. Knowing how to use it? Not so much.

Download our guide and start cultivating your digital learning today.