Introducing Learning at Large, Knowledge Hub

We are so excited to introduce our Learning at Large: Knowledge Hub – The #1 place for learning managers to get insider tips on running successful elearning production at-scale. We’ve interviewed leading digital learning managers and industry experts to collate stories, tips and tools to help take your elearning production to the next level. It’s free, it’s fascinating and it’s full of practical guidance. Learn how expert peers are winning at learning production at scale by signing up below.

Why have we set up this free program?

Our research with hundreds of learning professionals in the world’s largest organizations shows that there are five key factors that take high-scale elearning production to the very top level of success. Getting these right is crucial to getting to scalable, high-quality digital learning production, pain-free. Yet each area has common pitfalls that are easy to accidentally fall into. Our research shows they only get harder to climb out of when elearning production increases.

We want you and your elearning production team to get great quality, high-scale production without the headaches, and master the five success factors. It makes your team’s lives easier but also produces better quality elearning.

But rather than just tell you how, we want to share what expert peers are doing. And interviewing them has uncovered some amazing insights, juicy tips and incredible practical guidance we’re excited to share.

Learning at Large Knowledge Hub

Which experts are involved?

Learning at Large Knowledge Hub the Experts

Here’s just some of the industry experts and managers we’ve been gathering insights from…

  • Luz Hoyos Rossier, Global Head of Talent Development, SGS
  • Patrick Bowl, L&D Director, Worldpay
  • Dave Barone, Consultant, Josh Bersin Academy
  • Lori Niles-Hofmann, EdTech Transformation Strategist, NilesNolen
  • Jason Baker, Director at eLearning Network, ex SAI, and founder at Snowfish Learning
  • Jason Edwards, Global Digital Learning Partner, Kingfisher plc
  • Alex Barley, Senior Enablement Analyst, nCino
  • Guy Wilkins, Senior Digital Learning and Platforms Manager, Clyde & Co

And this is just the start. We’ll continue to interview and capture insights from other successful learning managers and industry experts to always keep you up to date with the latest best practice.

Why are there 5 packages of expertise?

We’ve packaged up the insights into 5 core topics. That’s because our extensive research with L&D teams in some of the world’s largest organizations shows that winning at these five key factors gets managers to the highest level of elearning production success.

The 5 key factors to top elearning production success

  1. Influence stakeholders – boost the impact of elearning projects and your team by discovering how to proactively influence and collaborate with business leaders
  2. Set a clear vision – drive up quality and take the organization with you on the journey to impactful solutions by setting a clear vision and roadmap
  3. Lead with need  – focus your team’s efforts on where it counts most by leading with need at every level – from surveying business and learner needs to making project needs analysis the norm for all involved
  4. Implement a process – make you and your colleagues lives easier by building in toolsets and processes that allow you to grow quality and scale up elearning production with less stress
  5. Measure what counts  – measure what actually counts and avoid the evaluation overwhelm with practical help from learning measurement experts

What do I get when I sign up?

Signing up to the Learning at Large, Knowledge Hub gives you a wealth of insights and practical tips around the five key topic areas.

Each topic includes:

  • Bitesized videos – where leading managers and experts answer key questions, tell stories and explain their “how”
  • Downloadable guides – a one-page guide for you to share and use
  • Practical tools – so you can implement the expert guidance for yourself
  • Daily tips – a series of short daily tips sent to you for a week, to encourage new approaches

These are packaged up in a super-simple way, so you can revisit and reuse at any time.

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Learning at Large Knowledge Hub