Best practice tutorials to help your team deliver exceptional results [Elucidat product update]

Getting your team up and running quickly, and on the right path with Elucidat is key to delivering great results, faster. So, we’ve introduced something to help! Read on for more details…

Learning Hub feature

Learning a new tool can be a time consuming process

There’s always a learning curve when starting something new, software is no different. Whether implementing a new tool with an entire team, or training a new team member, it can be a time consuming and sometimes challenging process.

But, getting people up to speed with new software or way of working as quickly as possible is really important. Not only does it mean that you’ll start to reap the rewards of the tools at your fingertips sooner, but it also means keeping your team productive and motivated throughout change. 

At Elucidat our vision is to provide the ability for anyone to produce elearning that has a transformational impact. So, we put a great importance on supporting you to upskill authors to produce elearning that makes a real difference. 

Introducing the Elucidat Learning Hub

With exclusive video tutorials and masterclasses created by our team of Learning Consultants, the Learning Hub is your first stop to becoming an expert in using Elucidat to build amazing people-centred elearning.

The Learning Hub will help you to:

  • Get new authors up and running faster with Elucidat
  • Grow your team with greater confidence
  • Embed best practices across your team 

These guided tutorials are aimed at both new and experienced Elucidat authors. They’ll help to get you up and running quicker with the platform, as well as embedding industry best practices for the production of your digital learning.

What you’ll get in the Learning Hub

Want to know the best way to start planning an elearning project? How to engage your users using social polls? Ensure that your branding is consistent across all elearning projects? These topics and many more are all available on the Beginner and Improver areas of the Learning Hub. Get ready for video tutorials jam-packed with examples, demos and top tips.

Need a deeper dive? You’ll find best practices, top tips and real examples on a range of topics in our Masterclass section. Everything from storytelling techniques and scrolling page design to how to really QA your elearning project is covered in an elearning format. Now that’s meta…

How to access the Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is available for all authors within Elucidat, with further tutorials and courses coming soon. And, don’t forget we also offer support via the Help Center and Live Chat.

Login to Elucidat now to check our the Learning Hub for yourself

If you want to take this further, we offer a wide range of targeted coaching and consultancy services to help you build your skills and empower you to use Elucidat to deliver on your learning strategy. Learn more about Elucidat’s Professional Services