Looking Back at 2020: A Big Year for Elucidat Customers!

What. A. Year.

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been full of surprises – and that it’s one for the history books. Most companies have faced unprecedented challenges; needing to change, adapt and pivot more quickly than many would previously have thought possible. 

L&D have been at the forefront of this evolution; helping redirect organizations, reskill workforces and bring staff up to speed with new ways of working. 

Globally, more learning has been conducted online than ever before. Business-critical training has had to be delivered from a distance, without losing any efficacy. 

But despite the separation, we’ve also had to draw closer together as people; finding new ways to bond and celebrate the good things across the gap.

Responding to demand

At the beginning of remote working, we Initially we saw Zoom and video conferencing in the industry increase by 67%. But the lack of connection (pun intended) meant we quickly saw this figure revert. And where did it go?

Well, online learning was one of the major delivery methods many employed. And as an authoring platform, Elucidat saw that uplift! 

In 2020, the 4,239 users of Elucidat created 35,333 projects and made nearly 85,000 releases. And those releases were accessed by close to 9 million learners.

That’s an average of more than 8 projects created per user, and over 100 learners accessing each release.


To support this massive growth, we released 14 new features into the platform – including Learning Accelerator and Advanced User Management – and squashed over 200 bugs. Plus, our Customer Team were on hand for 6,482 conversations (which 97.5% or respondents rated great or excellent!).


Working with others

We continued working with 1 brilliant partner, and brought another – Crossknowledge – onboard; plus another year’s success alongside our integration partner Docebo and our referral partners too. Interested in becoming an Elucidat partner or referrer? Register here.

Yet although the appetite for producing elearning was huge, many faced the uphill struggle of converting their existing face-to-face content into online-friendly courses. 

That’s where The Digital Skill Up came in. Elucidat and industry experts created a free, 30-day program to help adapt learning delivery to the “new normal”. And they were joined by 2,416 L&D professionals and counting! All the content is still available – so join now and you, too, can quickly and simply convert our content with the help of Learning Design Consultants.


Learning and pushing boundaries

We also explored how some of the world’ biggest organisations met 2020’s challenges on our podcast, Learning at Large. This year, we had nearly 6,000 listens; with hundreds of people listening to L&D experts from brands like Unilever, Whole Foods and Siemens discussing how they’ve approached the increased demands on learning. You can listen here now.

And last, but not least, we won Gold for Best Advance In Content Authoring Technology in Brandon Hall’s 2020 Excellence Awards – thanks to the release of Learning Accelerator. For us, the real impact is seeing it help customers produce their projects up to 4x faster.


The Elucidat Team

In team news, one member of Elucidat has perfected their roast potatoes, while another has read more than 35 books – a 700% increase on their last years’ total. People’s house plant hobbies have grown, as have pokemon collections. 

We were also ranked, thanks to the input of our colleagues, as one of the UK Best Workplaces – and in the top 25 of small businesses!


Despite a pandemic, local lockdowns, quarantines and more – the numbers and the stories from within organisations can tell a brighter story. 

Although 2020 has been a year for the history books, it’s been one for the scrap books too. We’ve achieved more, gotten digitally – even if not physically – closer, and learnt more about what we can achieve than ever. 

So whatever 2021 looks like, we take what we’ve learned forward: people sit at the heart of businesses, and the change they can effect and the challenges they can surpass, are the real takeaways from 2020.

We’re looking forward to continuing to support you, your business, and your people into a brighter year.