Making a series of animated pages

This week our quick tip will teach you how to make a series of animated images and pages. In this post you will learn about the ‘Animation’ button and ‘Timers’.

Here’s an example of animation in Elucidat that I made.

This technique is helpful:

  • If you have a lot of text that you would like to break up onto several pages.
  • If you want your project to work better on mobile, where there isn’t always space for long passages of text.
  • If you’d like to build up scenarios.

How I built this example

To begin with, I built my first page which I will use as the template for my other pages.

I chose to make this a ‘Text and Image/Multiple boxes’ page, as in the default themes this page type has animation controls on the text and image boxes.

Firstly I added my image and text:

Making a series of animated pages

Next I thought about how I’d like my text and image to animate in. I chose to have the man appear first and then the text appear after.

I double clicked the image so that all the edit buttons would display:

Making a series of animated pages

Then I chose the ‘Animation’ button:

Making a series of animated pages

I changed ‘Animate in’ to ‘Fade In’ so that my image will fade in when the page is opened, I didn’t need to change any of the other settings.

I then double clicked the text and opened it’s animation properties:

Making a series of animated pages

I added ‘Fade in’ again, but then I made one other small alteration, I changed delay to ‘1’ so that it would display a second after the man has appeared.

Once my template page had been made, I duplicated it twice (this saves me having to change these settings on the new pages).

I added a different image and text to each of the new pages. Once I had all my pages set up, my next step was to control how to animate between the pages.

Animating between pages

To animate between the 3 pages I used the timers feature, I started by opening page 1.

I then opened the ‘Page settings’ menu and selected the ‘Time limits’ tab:

Making a series of animated pages

Then where it says ‘Redirect to this page after the following time’ I added the length of time that I wanted to view the page for before moving to the next page.

In this case 5 seconds or 00:05.

Then I chose a page to redirect to once I have viewed my first page for 5 seconds, I chose page 2 in this case:

Making a series of animated pages

I pressed ‘Save page settings’ to save the changes for this page then I repeated the same steps on my second page but I changed the page to redirect to my third page:

Making a series of animated pages

…and there we go, a series of automatically advancing pages with animations. Give it a shot yourself, if you are feeling really fancy why not add a countdown to the page using the ‘Amount of time remaining on page’ ‘Clip’ (for more info about ‘Clips’ see here).

Next week we’re going to take a look at how to create a timed questionnaire, see you then!

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