New ‘Graphs’ feature

This week we’ve added a feature to allow you to make a Graph using information from any questionnaire page in your project.

Graphs create richer learning by making it possible for learners to see how their peers feel.

To use the ‘Graphs’ feature

Open a project with a scored questionnaire, or add a scored questionnaire to an existing project, click here if you’re not sure how to set a page to be scored.

Next, open the page which you would like the ‘Graph’ to be displayed on.

Double click a text field.

Click the ‘Graphs’ button in the text editor:

New 'Graphs' feature

The ‘Insert Graphs’ pop up will appear:

New 'Graphs' feature

Choose the page that you would like to set as scored from the ‘Page to graph results from’ dropdown (in this case it was page ‘11’) and then choose the ‘Graph type’ you would like.

Press ‘Insert’.

Now when your course is viewed in an LMS your graph will appear and you will be able to see information on how your peers answered.

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