New ‘Projects’ and ‘Releases’ page

This month we’ve changed how the ‘Your Projects’ and ‘Releases’ pages work.

Let’s take a look at what we have changed:



In the ‘Projects’ page you can now tag projects, this is very handy for organising your projects. So for example if I wanted to have all of my colleague Bill’s projects grouped together, I could create a tag for ‘Bill’, and when Bill wishes to view his projects he can click the ‘Bill’ tag.

To create a tag press the section that says ‘Enter project tags here’, displayed below the project title:

New 'Projects' and 'Releases' page

Add a name and press enter.

Your new tag will appear, it will look a little something like this:

New 'Projects' and 'Releases' page

At the top of the page there is a tags section where you will be able to access all of your tags:

New 'Projects' and 'Releases' page

Once you click a tag, only the courses with that specific tag assigned to them will be displayed.

If you wish to reset the tags to the default settings press ‘Reset filters’.


You can now ‘Preview’ your course before opening, to preview your project press ‘Show previews’:

New 'Projects' and 'Releases' page


In the projects page you will now be able to see several icons:

New 'Projects' and 'Releases' page – This icon will display once you have created a release from a project.

New 'Projects' and 'Releases' page – This icon will display once you have created a release from a project, if you hover over the icon it will tell you how many times the course has been viewed.

New 'Projects' and 'Releases' page – This icon will display once a comment has been added to a course.

Archiving projects

When you press the ‘Delete’ (X) button on a project you will now have the option to delete your project entirely or to archive your project.

New 'Projects' and 'Releases' page

Archiving your project will mean that you project is accessible in future.

Releases page

We’ve updated the releases page so that you can see how many course views your course has had, you can also see your release progress in real time.

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