New version of Elucidat

Good morning and welcome to a new version of Elucidat!

We’ve made some changes to make getting started on your Projects easier and to make your overall experience more fun!

Firstly, let’s look at the new ‘Get started’ page which has a new ‘Get Started Wizard’ in place of the ‘Dashboard’, here you can build a course quickly from a ‘Master Course’ or start from scratch. The ‘Get Started Wizard’ is particularly handy for creating multiple ‘Page types’ and renaming them easily.

New version of Elucidat

You may have noticed the graphs and statistics have disappeared from your ‘Dashboard’, these are now available in the ‘Analyse’ menu of the Project you wish to analyse.

‘Templates’ are now called ‘Master Courses’, you will be able to access them by using the ‘Master Courses’ tab in the ‘Your Projects’ menu.

A few of the buttons you will be familiar with have moved; Convert, Gift, Duplicate and Resources are now in the ‘Configure’ menu (which used to be known as ‘Project settings’). Another change we’ve made here is you can now change Theme, please be very careful with this feature to ensure your replacement Theme is sufficiently similar.

New version of Elucidat

We’ve also made it easier to link to other pages in Projects, when you create a link there will now be a dropdown with all the pages that you can link to; no more fiddly code, hooray!

New version of Elucidat

We’ve also added ‘Clips’ which allow you to add premade chunks of code that allow you to display ‘Total score’ ‘Pass or Fail’ and more!

New version of Elucidat

We’ve added a huge new array of images to the ‘Image Library’ courtesy of E-learning and we have more on the way!

The ‘Developer area’ is now available within the main app, simply click ‘Theme Builder’, we’ve also added a handy font uploader and font selector (also now available in the main app) so you can pre-load Themes with fonts.

Last but not least is our new ‘Badges’ feature that you can access by clicking the green XP bar at the top of your screen. Now whenever you achieve certain goals within Elucidat you will receive Badges so you can keep an eye on how you’re progressing.

New version of Elucidat

I hope this clears up some of the changes we’ve made, we are very proud of this new version of Elucidat. If you find you can’t find a button or feature, we’re ready to help out at support, simply press the ‘Help me’ tab in the top right of the screen.

Hope you enjoy!

Joe and the Elucidat team

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